Emporia Vue home energy monitor

Anyone else have a Emporia vue?


Mine came in today I picked up the expansion module one. So I can monitor mans and 8 branch circuits. Install was super easy. Connect CT’s download app and that’s it.

Seems pretty responsive. I wish it was all local but the cloud response is good so far.

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I purchased one with the expansion pack. Seems to work fine. I looked on the web site and there is a recommendation to add a api so maybe in the future it can be added to Hubitat.

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Hi guys, planing on b uy one this week, do you guys recommended? is it worth it?? Comparing it wit the electrical company are the numbers match??

worth it. Actually regret delaying the set up. It isn't an exact match, though. Close.

I like mine. Phenomenal support from the company as well.
I can’t believe they can sell something so reasonably priced but I’m glad that they do.

If you're interested --> Tips on setting up Emporia Vue and how to use iFrame Tiles to show Grafana Panels in your Hubitat Dashboard

The Emporia looks like a cool product.

  1. Did anyone install it themselves? I'm not an electrician, but one of my barriers to entry is wiring this in the electrical box. I know the clamps are easy enough to put in there, but I imagine something needs to get power. Anyway, thoughts, suggestions on if this can be done by a non-electrician?

  2. Does it have a local API? I read this and thought maybe they have a local API:
    Amazon.com: Customer Questions & Answers

It isn't difficult to install. The most important thing to remember is, TURN OFF THE MAIN BREAKER TO THE PANEL YOU ARE INSTALLING IT IN. If you try to connect the current transformers (CTs) while the circuit is energized you could damage the devices and/or hurt yourself.

They do not have a local API. I don't ever expect them to provide a local API. They are building additional revenue streams by private labeling their products. This is targeted to electrical and mechanical service companies. Keeping the API private and cloud-based allows them to supply that directly to and on behalf of these service companies.

Here is a post from one of the Emporia Energy staff on the subject of local API avilability.

I own a Gen 1 Vue, and I do like the product. I just wish it had a local API. Without a local API its just an interesting toy.

FYI, someone has written a python library to interface with the cloud service. It's called PyemVue. Some others are experimenting with MTTQ connections to the cloud service.

Thank you so much for your response. After some digging I saw how they described the wire tapping. I think I could even pull that off.

But yeah, no local API, locked to their server and if they go under, then I suppose it stops working... I was also looking at the IoTaWatt but it's more expensive.

Thank you again for your response!

I have it, I have the simpler version that reads your meter guys zigbee. It helped me find a misconfigured pool pump and once that was fixed I cut my electrical bill in half.

I've been considering getting the new version with taps for each breaker. Seems super smart!

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