Emporia cue home energy monitor

Anyone else have a Emporia vue?

Mine came in today I picked up the expansion module one. So I can monitor mans and 8 branch circuits. Install was super easy. Connect CT’s download app and that’s it.

Seems pretty responsive. I wish it was all local but the cloud response is good so far.

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I purchased one with the expansion pack. Seems to work fine. I looked on the web site and there is a recommendation to add a api so maybe in the future it can be added to Hubitat.

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Hi guys, planing on b uy one this week, do you guys recommended? is it worth it?? Comparing it wit the electrical company are the numbers match??

worth it. Actually regret delaying the set up. It isn't an exact match, though. Close.

I like mine. Phenomenal support from the company as well.
I can’t believe they can sell something so reasonably priced but I’m glad that they do.