Emby Webhook integration

Hey all. I am trying to integrate my Emby Media Server with HE using their Webhooks. Basically when a play event occurs on Emby, Their webhook send the event using PUT not GET and the only examples I can find in the forums are HE receiving GET.

Can HE receive PUT and process the JSON sent along with that? If so, can someone supply me with an example on how to create a Driver to listen for http PUT and then process the JSON being sent with it?

The only thing I've found so far is in the SmartThings docs - see The SmartApp — SmartThings Classic Developer Documentation, Presumably you can use request.json to get at the JSON.

@Keo Long shot here, but were you ever able to get this integrated with Emby?

Yes I did. I had to write a custom app to get it working. I have since stopped using emby, and I can't seem to find my code for the app. If I find it, I'll drop it on github.

OH look, I've found it. Just so you know, I had a specific use case, but this code works. You'll need to modify it for your needs.

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Thank you!! That gives me a perfect starting point.

I'm just looking for something to dim the lights when I hit play in the theatre room so should be pretty simple to modify off of that.