Emailing a "status report" for room temperatures every hour


Setting the global variable isn't a condition, it's the action. You have it correct. Setting the global variables happens first in the list of operations. So, it is set at the top of the actions of your trigger. Then, you go into the HTTP request function, and where you want the variable to appear you paste it in inside curly brackets. So, if your variables are EVTempVAR, MBRTempVAR and SMKTempVAR and your IFTTT event was "temp" and your key was dkwiisoskjgfnwo, the url would look like this:{EVTempVAR}&value2={MBRTempVAR}&value3={SMKTempVAR}

Does that make sense?

You can go back after adding a just have to finish adding the broken one then you can delete it on the define triggers page. You trigger in this case is going to be "periodic" every n minutes set to 15 or 30 or whatever. Do you know how to set that up? You don't want to use the Variable as a trigger.

I have one that I was using to report Lux reading to Google Sheets to figure out what value I should use a trigger to see when it's dark out (I don't know what a lumen looks like, and this was easier than sitting there and watching). This is the trigger in HE.

Not all that complicated.


Got it. Thanks for that. Let me plug it in and see where we're at.
I think I'm damn damn close. (you can tell by the 3 edits to my post that I continued to make progress as I was writing the post).


fingers crossed.....


You, sir, are an outstanding member of this community. Thank you so much for your suggestion and your help.