Email notification when specific code is used

Hi, is there a way to send email to a specified address when a specific code is used on a Generic Zwave lock?

I have the Yale yrd226 lock and usually have 20-30 codes setup. I would like to have a rule that will send an email to specified email address when 1 specific code is used. Or ideally setup multiple rules like that for multiple codes.

Thanks in advance!

There is - if you setup one of the community email integrations for Hubitat. Here are a couple:

WebCoRE can also send e-mails without any additional setup on the Hubitat side. (As a difference from the above, it can't be used as a "device" to do this with any app — but it can do the actual automation you're looking for run this as an action).


Thanks, since the first 2 options do not support TLS, I think WebCore is a better option. That would take care of sending the email. But how do I create a rule/action for the lock?

I looked at Lock Code Manager app, Device settings, Automation rules - nowhere I see the option to do X when a specific code is entered.

Not true. The second supports TLS.

Something like this as the condition should work, where 1 is the lock code position in my case:

That being said, I haven't played around with this much in webCoRE; there may be a more elegant way.

The piston itself is otherwise quite easy, something like:

If you use Gmail this can send emails from your hub:

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