Email Driver - Using Google API. (Please Make)


Not Sure if this help anyone get a jump start on it, but it looks a few methods listed here:


The libraries don't work on HE.. I already tried which is why I ended up created a RESTFul server solution. I am looking at maybe incorporating a "mail relay" via nodemailer-relay so someone could define which server to send mail thru. Have to think about it..


Yep, that is what I found as well... :wink:


I’m still not clear on why sms is a better option than pushover if you’re somewhere with poor cell service. If you have no cell service, you won’t get the sms until you reconnect to the network. If you use pushover, the queued message will be delivered to your phone when you connect to a cell or WiFi network.


Is it feasible to use Python? HE send http Post to Python, and then Python use smtplib to create email?


I think anything that can receive html will do the trick. I used Node originally because I was planning on doing other "stuff" and it seemed the easiest, most flexible way to implement a RESTful interface. DoNS = "Do Net Stuff" :smiley:

My driver implementation is extremely simple and copied from others. I did change over to use Async recently.


I was thinking Node would be easier too. But it never talked successfully with my IoT device using Node lib... After one week trying, I decided to move to Python, which has more resources online.. And it works fine now. My HE could retrieve data from the device without Internet connection.