Elk M1 close...appeal for testers for the DTH please

I'm in the process of porting the Elk M1 security panel over to HE. With the help of [cjcharles], we are close now.
Using the ESP 8266 ($10~15) and [cjcharles] FW for the 8266 we are connected to and receiving status for zones and outputs. Also Arm/disarm functions. So now we move to the DH side and thus far have the HE see and create child devices for these zones and outputs. Most major work is done.
However, status updates from the 8266 to the DH are NOT coming. So HE gets no status of these devices. Something with his DH is just not right. [cjcharles] has experience with ST but has no HE experience other than this project thus far.
With a little community help and tweaking of his DH, we should have the Elk online with HE. PLEASE, anyone, help push this to the finish line. If you have an Elk and can offer testing, even better! This integration is important for many who use Elk and will not switch to HE until this can be solved.
We need the DH to receive status fron zones, outputs, alarm status. We need the DH, upon creating the child devices to reconize them as a contact, motion, or output (switch).

[cjcharles] is so close to finish and has spend many hours on getting the DH working. Please contact him here and offer assistance so we can add another VALUABLE DH to HE.

Thank you all......

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