ELK Integration Notes with Gate Status Indicator Circuit

Some stuff for you ELK people out there.........and some documentation for me should I need to remember what I did.

I wanted to tie an LED indicator to my driveway gate loop that is attached to a monitoring zone on my ELK panel and an output on my ELK panel. Thanks to @captncode for his work and @ekimmagrann. Thanks to @mgroeninger for the work on the GoGoGate integrations.

After a little breadboard and soldering I have it all done and thought I would share the results.

My drill got away from me so I had to put the light closer to the buttons than I would have liked. Oh well. Here is a picture of the finished box hanging on the garage wall. Green means the gate is open. Red means the gate is closed.

Here is a picture of the guts. Dual GoGo Gate 2's control the 3 garage doors and the gate. The relay board is attached to my ELK outputs. The ELK panel throws 12VDC down a Cat6 cable. 4 pairs drive 4 separate relays. Relays then activate the same circuit the buttons are hooked up to.

The circuit in the top left is responsible for the dual color LED light.

The diagram below is what I created. Since the ELK loop voltage is out of my control I used a NPN transistor as a switch for VCC, which is just a 12VDC wall wart in the picture. The 4001B NOR Logic gates output VCC if they don't sense voltage on their inputs. I used a NTE4001B that cost $1.25 locally. Digikey also sells them and I shared the circuit schematic via this link.

Alarm Loop Monitor with LED Lights

RED = Closed

Green = Open

When Alarm Loop is closed, 0VDC goes through R5 to Q2, VCC is delivered from J and K to Red LED.

When Alarm Loop is open, 12VDC(ish) goes to R5 and Q2. Current activates Q2 sending VCC to A+B+C+D which = 0VDC at J+K and H+G+F+E and VCC on M+L.

All Logic is duplicated to duplicate current output and run larger LEDs if necessary.

The GoGoGate's have their wireless sensors on the garage doors. I created a 3D printed holder for them. The source file is here if anyone needs it.

I also hardwired in magnetic contacts on each door. That way you get immediate open information vs delayed 15 seconds on the GoGoGate. It worked out to tie them into my ELK panel. For all 4 doors there are 2 Cat6 cables. 4 pairs for open/close info and 4 pairs for activation via ELK relay or GoGo Gate.

The ELK panel inside turned into a project too. I had to add a separate expansion board to handle the Ring Doorbells and the 4 extra doors. Final tally is 3 keypads, 4 output zones, 22 monitored zones, 2 ring doorbell detector circuits and a barrel full of monkeys.


Great work. I'm am impressed!


@MrYutz, that's really nifty!

Impressed! :heart_eyes::raised_hands::clap::clap::clap:

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