Elevating Working From Home

Probably not a new topic, but I thought one that may be worth re-visiting... For those like me who are lucky enough to spend more time at home than at work, how have you made your life easier (and those around you....) using your box of magic being your HE hub?

I feel like I've been less creative than I could be, but I have a Samsung button that use to turn on my TV in the Study (used as my monitor), open the blinds if the right time, plus a couple of other things if I was to check the RM rule :-). This rule will also work when in other modes, like Relax that I am in now.... Definitely not work mode :wink:

Other things I have seen on Youtube clips is the setting of lights outside a room to indicate whether someone is in a meeting, etc.

Feel free to share..... :slight_smile:

Oh boy where to start, work from home and automation, I use the Samsung buttons for switching modes in my home office between personal and business. The lighting switches over and if any music is playing though my speakers in the room it's turned down. Also my blinds get closed to bring in that "cave" mode that we had in our offices. I did have a white noise speaker fire off but that was too much to handle, I guess white noise at the office is needed but defiantly not at home.

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It does feel like some of the logic required for some of these automations is similar to the requirements people have for room occupancy.

Interested to hear what others have done on this front now that I work from home too. How might one automate the volume of my kids in dependence on whether I am working? :slight_smile:


Thankfully not something I have to accommodate, but still interesting to hear about :slight_smile:

I close my office door.... That makes everything easier... :joy: I have kids and a wife who works from home as well so, I just want to be left alone..


Except for us.... right? :laughing:

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I setup shop in our solarium. It gets warm in the summer, so I have an automation that turn on a fan on the top of the wall to exhaust the warm air as required.

I also have a rule that will turn on a lamp next to my desk when it starts getting dard in the afternoon during the winter months.

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Probably you can find how to do this in another post:

This is by far the most useful stuff I have.

Also, I am automating other stuff on my stream deck. You can program some webhooks on it. But also cool automations for your computer.

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The only automation I need to work from home is to turn on and off the coffee maker and it's used every day.


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