Electronic Low Voltage Z-Wave Dimmers (Cooper/Eaton RF9540)

Hey everyone,

We're in the middle of a major remodel at the house, and in between porting from ST to Hubitat. In the middle of all of this, I'm learning more than I ever wanted to know about integrated LED fixtures and ELV (Electronic Low Voltage) dimming. It seems that there are only a couple of Z-wave dimming switches capable of handling ELV loads (the Eaton RF9540 among them).

I don't have specific needs for a custom DTH, assuming the generic Z-wave dimmer DTH handles things well, but wanted to make sure I haven't missed anything.

Does anyone here have any other guidance or 'gotchas' I should be thinking about as we integrate these ELV loads into Z-wave switches on Hubitat?


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I have a few of these, I connected them to the network.

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How did your major Remodel go? I'm in the midst as well and am also looking for an ELV Dimmer for my LED fixtures (WAC Lighting Lotos 4" downlight). What did you end up going with and are you experiencing any humming or flickering?

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Same! I'm doing a new construction, and also have a few ELV lights, looking for compatible Z-Wave dimmers. If anyone have any updates on the ones they've installed, I'd love to hear your feedback.

Make note those are NOT Z-Wave Plus.

You sir, are correct. But for the while I used them, had no issues in a 25' x 30' addition. I switched everything to innovelli, because I wanted the notifications.

They'll work fine but it's just not a good idea to mix non-plus and plus together unless you know that is what you're doing and you know what the results are.

so what other options do we have for ELV/MLV loads? That are z-wave plus.
I still run a mixed z-wave environment, and have no issues

None that I'm aware of. There's likely a newer model from Eaton but availability is questionable. Eaton also has the duplex receptacle which is nice and there's a newer model on their site but I can't get it from any distributors yet.

Glad you have no issues. Others with HE have reported issues with mixing.

The primary thing with mixing is that you will not have optimal performance as z-wave will downgrade to the lowest speed in a route. So speed from one device to another when routing will be effected. Explorer frames for route healing also do not work.

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