Eight mattress cover $23

Like $200 normally. Can use for presence detection Eight Sleep Tracker Smart QUEEN Mattress Cover - Sleep Monitoring & Temp Control | eBay

Hmm, my gut says that’s a “too good to be true” discount if they usually go for $200...

On the other hand it’s eBay, so you’ve got pretty good buyer protection if something turns out to be fishy with that listing.

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Plus their feedback is over 17k. I exaggerated, but they legit go for $150ish

Walmart has it 10.99. Poking the reviews, it seems like it had poor execution in software and hardware. Buyer beware?


Nice find

Wonder how easily these could be reworked for just their sensors and such. Guess I will find out in a week or so when mine arrives.

H.a “developers” did it. Apparently the api (I think that’s the word) updates the status very slow, like 5 mins :disappointed:

Also st [NOT SUPPORTED] Eight Sleep (Connect) V1.0 [Eight Sleep Mattress and Cover] - Projects & Stories - SmartThings Community

Well, I was only interested in repurposing the temperature sensor and whatever it used to detect a person there. $15 for the parts sounded like a good price (including shipping). But then I actually read more about this thing and it sounds like it could just be a useful electric blanket also if nothing else. Wrong time of year for that but that gives me 4 months to figure things out before evenings start to cool down a bit.

If u can make the presence sensor work, that would be awsome. Is that even possible

No idea. I basically got it spur of the moment without putting thoughtful research first (oops). Just have to find out. Could not find any teardowns online either.

Shame they only have cali king or I'd give this a try too. Compare it to the withings sleep sensors.

On another note, I love what this company is doing with integrating tech into the sleep space. Their temp controlled mattress looks awesome.

Queen https://www.walmart.com/ip/Eight-Sleep-Tracker-and-Temperature-Control-Mattress-Cover-Full/648136056

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Should have said "only have california king not regular king"

Yours arrive yet?

Mine was cancelled...

Mine was cancelled too, reason given was the the shipping carrier lost the package, weird. I also then noticed that they had it down as a queen and I ordered the Cal King.

I ordered 5 for Xmas gifts. I wish shipping was cheaper, I’d I’ll them at cost

I had that excuse too but It happened too quickly to be lost !

I'm having a bit of difficulty with that sentence ??

I’d sell it for the $18 I paid, just shipping is like,$25

I've PM'd you - you've made my day - thankyou.