EGLo Connect.Z CT Bulb

I picked up this smart bulb to start experimenting with hubitat. Very new to this. Paired a switch and scene controller, wanted to add the bulb to test and play a little before starting to actually replace my lighting.

Anyway, the bulb is Zigbee compatible, says it can be paired directly with various Alexa and Google home hubs, so I kind of figured that hubitat should be able to handle it too. In the pairing proces it sees the device, but isn’t able to conclude the pairing proces. Trying to add it as een generic (CT) bulb or something like that doesn’t work either (doesn’t even see the bulb). So probably the ‘it is a simple CT bulb, so that should work’-thinking was wrong, but for me good to learn a bit more. Therefor two questions:

First: What would be the way to troubleshoot this? Now I’m just trying and figuring out, but a more structured way of approaching is better i guess.

Second: anyone happens to know the bulb and got it working?