Editing a Button Action with Custom Action

Today cleaning up some buttom commands that play music on Alexa devices using "Voice Command as Text". All my pre-existing actions can't be edited they return this error:

If I create a new action it can be edited. Below is the button action the top action returns the error the second action is editable since I just added it to test. I don't want to have to change 30 or so buttons to fix so is there something that can be done?

Here is the error log for the edits:

I will look into it.

Given that this is a custom action, do you know the capability you selected for "Echo - Living Room Echo on Home-Dev"? I would assume you chose Speech Device. I also assume that this command has a single parameter that is a String. Correct?

Yes you are correct it's a voice device using the Echo Speaks and a single parameter with a "string"

Can you post the Settings portion of the App Status page (gear icon). Do you know that this barfs on all of the ones you have? The fact that you can enter a new, pretty much identical action, and it doesn't barf makes me suspect that particular rule as having been corrupted. But, hard to tell from here.

I fixed the barfed one by deleting and re-adding the command to the device. Let me pull up another button. I would hate to edit 32 buttons that I have for my music players.

What release are you on? Settings / Hub Details shows it.

Platform Version

Please update to, and see if the error persists. I need to know the line number of the error.

Just did the update and went to edit the button action and still got the exception:

See PM I just sent you.

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