Edit Parameter, New action gets extra Null value

I tried to change the parameter for a valve and there is no way to do it. Can this be added?

Also since there was no way to change the parameter I had to delete the one for station 2 and recreate the action. But after I put in 12 as the number it came back with an extra Null. Plus in Select Custom Command there are 2 Open's.


Anyone from staff need more info or is aware of this problem. It seems that sometimes it works and the number comes out ok but sometimes it does what the pic above shows.

Also is there no way to edit the parameter of the valve? thanks

Curious...what valve device/driver are you using? I have never seen an open() command that accepted a parameter.

Definitely not part of the standard Valve Capability.

Device Selector


Driver Definition

capability "Valve"


valve - ENUM ["open", "closed"]




The Orbit 12-Station Sprinkler Controller.

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That’s a unique device, eh? Thanks for the quick reply. Wish I had an answer for your RM issue.

It has turned out to be a neat little controller especially for $52. I finally figured out the rule to control the valves. If they can work out the 2 things I mentioned it would really be nice. But not to hard to fix the parameter thing by just doing the valve entry over.

What driver are you using for the device?

@Ryan780 Sorry it took so long. I used the built in one.

That decive has a parent child group. The parent is the controller then you have your 12 zones. Each you can open or close.

@Ryan780 I didn't know you wanted to see that part. So here is what the driver created, well part of it. Add what you have as a pic above and that is all of it.

Those are the ones that you can open or close.

Yes, I have mine working great. I used this as a rule. Times have changed, these were for testing.