Ecowitt WS80 Ultrasonic values from one hub to another one (Node-Red), VS others

I have an Ecowitt WS80 Ultrasonic wind sensor hooked to a C7 and I want to pass 4 parameters (wind speed, temperature, humidity and battery level) to a C5 unit.

The C5 is running an old firmware ( and I'm happy with it (no slowdown, works perfectly), so unable to add the ecowitt unit there.

I also use node-red to harvest data from my plc's and send them to my C5

What I've done:
C7 (Ecowitt values) => node-red => C5 (virtual sensors), every 5 seconds

I never used hubmesh or any other way to transfer data from one hub to another one.
Is it a good way to do this ?

Feel free to comment

If you enable Hub Mesh and share the device, the C5 will be able to access the parameters directly from the device. Impact is negligible.

What was the basis for this, is it the EcoWitt Drivers, or when HubMesh came out (I can't remember what version in was released with)? If it's the EcoWitt drivers you may be able to still use them. Let me know and I can take a look.

Hi Simon,

the message on my C5 is:

Your Hubitat Elevation firmware is not supported. You are running and this package requires at least 2.2.8. Please upgrade your firmware to continue installing.

Thank you for the information. So I will try it too!

Yeah, the minimum HE version for the EcoWitt drivers was changed from 2.1.9 to 2.2.8 when Mirco added some code to remove old attributes automatically, which HE only made available in that platform version. I can check if there are any other dependencies apart from this and see what I can do. There may be a couple of other options as well, but let's see what I can do in the drivers first, or with @thebearmay 's suggestion.

Seems that Hub Mesh doesn't exist on my C5 firmware. Just the old hublink (and I've seen that they works totally differently).

Sorry forgot that your C5 was back rev’ed, looks like it requires 2.2.4.x or above. So node red may be best option, although if your using it with MakerApi on both hubs you shouldn’t need to poll - should just be able to receive the change event for an attribute from the C7 into node red and then immediately send it to the C5.

All is done now, using Node-Red, passing values from Ecowitt WS80/WH31 sensors (Thx @sburke781 for the fine app) managed by my C7 and sent to my C5 and working as expected.

Btw, the WS80 is a nice piece of hardware (no moving parts) and Ecowitt support is always there to answer questions. Nice guys too !


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