Ecomsmart Remote with zigbee2mqtt

Hello, I've finished following the instructions in the below link to get the ecosmart remote working and I can see the buttons on the remote working in the logs. For buttons 2 and 3 I see pushed, held and released. I have been trying to get the buttons to work similar to how they do out of the box but I am having trouble with the released action.

I want to get button 2 to start raising (or lowering depending on starting dimmer level) when held which I have done except it fades to the lowest or highest level and I can't figure out how to implement the released action so it stops changing when released. I can only find it listed when I am setting it up as an initial action. I can only find examples when searching of this being done with the button device app which I can't install because it has been added to RM. When I select button device the released action isn't listed, only pushed and held.

I am having a little bit of a hard time following some of the instructions on how to use RM 4 so I am sorry if I am missing something simple.

Any help or clarification would be appreciated.

Thank you

[[Release] zigbee2mqtt EcoSmart Remote ZBT-CCTSwitch-D0001]([Release] zigbee2mqtt EcoSmart Remote ZBT-CCTSwitch-D0001]

I am not a RM expert by any means but you may have to create a second rule with the trigger being the button released.

Triggers are exactly that, a trigger that causes the rule to be evaluated, so you need a button released trigger to stop the raise/lower.

Something you may want to consider. I use the same remotes for manual control of my window blinds. Instead of ramp up/down, I use the 2 & 3 buttons for incremental (10% each press) opening & closing. I use the community app Advanced Button Controller it makes this very easy to implement.


When you do buttons in Rule Machine you have two options for triggers....

"Button" or "Button Device"

If you use "Button Device" all of your problems will probably just go away because it handles the events for all the different button types actions better. I'm not sure you can get all of the intricacies of held, pushed and released to work without using "Button Device". I seem to remember trying once and the triggers weren't available as conditions or something like that.

Thank you @kuzenkohome for the link to Advanced Button Controller. It is definitely much easier to use. I don't think it will do exactly what I was trying to do but I will absolutely be using it for other things.

I did try making a seperate trigger for the button 2 released to stop changing the dimmer level but it doesn't seem to have an affect on the other action triggered by holding button 2 even though I see both in the logs. I know I read somewhere on the forums of someone doing something similar but I can't ever seem to find the same conversations when searching again lol.

Thank you again for the advice.

Thank you @codahq for the reply. I have tried both "button" and "button device" and can get both to do the same thing except when I select "button device" I never see an action to include "released" as a trigger. In my mind I keep thinking that I should be adding the triggered event of "released" inside the logic for raising and lowering the dimmer level to tell it to stop changing. I guess I just don't understand how it works. I was hoping to find an example of something similar to what I am trying to do but not having any luck. Thanks again for replying.

The only thing that would cause "released" not to show up when using "Button Device" is if the button device didn't support it.

I don't know anything about those buttons. Do they support that event? Also, are you sure it was implemented in the current drive the device is set to as "released"? The device will still show attributes ("released" from previous drivers). Sometimes the developer just creates an extra "pushed" button instead of a "released" event

Doing a little detective work the driver logs shows held and released but the does not generate the button released event so hubitat will never see it to react upon it. At least according to my logs and device events.

The developer of the driver mentioned in his posts that the driver for this button device has a few shortcomings, one being that it doesn't handle disconnects of the mqtt bridge.

If you have coding skills you may be able to fix some of the issues with it. I can read the code and understand the basic flow but don't have enough skills yet to make major changes to the code.


I think you are correct. I tried creating a seperate trigger just for a button being released just to toggle a switch and nothing happens even though released shows in the logs. Oh well, with Advanced Button Controller I was able to get something close enough to satisfy me.

My coding skills are limited to copying what someone else says to do. I was just glad I got the zigbee2mqtt working so everything would be somewhat in sync. I think I am going to be satisfied with what ABC allows me to do. Thank you for helping.

Just as a heads up for your zigbee2mqtt bridge. If for any reason it shuts down, you will have to go into each button device and click the Initialize button, it does not auto reconnect.

As a side note, I see where the issue is in the driver code for the button release event handling. I will tinker with it as time permits along with the auto reconnect aspect. If I come up with a fix I will update the main thread with the fixed code.


Thank you for the info. I'm following the main thread so I will keep an eye out for updates. Thanks