Ecolink Z-Wave Garage Tilt Sensor not responding

I have an Ecolink tilt sensor (TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO) that was working with my Smartthings hub, but is not sending open/close signals now that it has been excluded and then paired with my Hubitat Elevation.

What could be the issue? It's showing up as a "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor". Should it be a different device type? Why does the label "Type *" show up in red?

Mine shows as the same "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor"

I've never seen the Type in RED.

First thing I would to is rename the device without any punctuation marks and starting with an alpha (i.e. get rid of the dots)

I have one of those. Works fine, great even.

I've renamed it and it still doesn't appear to be responding. The "Type *" label is still in red. The only thing I can think of is the tilt sensor mechanism was somehow damaged when I opened it up to exclude/include in the new Z-Wave network?

If I don't get any more ideas, I will exclude it from Hubitat and rejoin it to Smartthings to see if it still works. I'm running them both in parallel until I can (hopefully) cut over to Hubitat.

There was some discussion on this forum a while ago about these Ecolink contact sensors causing mesh issues. It was suggested to change the type to "Ring Alarm Contact Sensor". They might have fixed this issue but I have kept it at Ring Alarm Contact Sensor and it has been running fine.

I also have heard of issues with the little ball in the tilt mechanism getting stuck.

So it turns out the issue was the cover of the device wasn't closed properly. The light indicator was permanently on, so I figured there was something wrong with how it was put back. I reclosed the device and now it's working fine (although the Type label is still showing up in red)! Thanks, everyone!

You're showing 61% on battery and they have a very rapid end-of-life curve. You may not have many days remaining. Often the LAST battery report I get is 40%. After that, it falls so rapidly there's no battery left to make another report.


Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it. It's been chugging away for 2.5 years, so it's probably due for a change soon.

I also have heard of issues with the little ball in the tilt mechanism getting stuck.

I had heard the same, so I changed mine out for a small mercury tilt switch. Then I found the reports I was going by were old. The ball switch I removed looked like it as well made. Appeared to be gold plated (likely very thin).

I had the older non-plus version of this tilt sensor and it had a silver ball switch. I replaced it with a ZWave Plus version, and it has a gold ball switch. So I think these "2.5" ones have a better ball.. maybe. So far, nothing to complain about.

The gold ball switches are better but I still prefer the mercury switches over ball switches for peace of mind. The liquid cannot get stuck and the whole purpose of the switch in my use case is a confirmation that what the garage door opener is reporting is accurate. They're really cheap too. It's only a couple of bucks for a bag of 10 of them. I'm very comfortable soldering though and realize it's not for everyone.

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