EcoLink TBZ500 Thermostat

Has anyone been able to connect this Thermostat to the Elevation C7 Hub? I have had no success using classic Z-Wave connection methods...

I have heard of someone here who has one.. What problem are you having?

@user2539 I see it uses s2. Did it come with a SmartStart QR code? You could try pairing that way.

The OP tried QR as well as regular inclusion, however the thermostat failed the S2 inclusion. @user2539, I suggest trying the regular inclusion again (not using QR), and when prompted, select not secure, that way, you'd avoid any S2 encapsulation problems. Only locks and garage doors are required to use S2, everything else can be included without secure encryption.

Be sure to exclude and reset the device according to the manufacturer's instructions before attempting to include again.


I noticed that upon install the device type defaults to "Device"...

I used the down arrow option to force the selection to Generic Z_Wave Smart Thermostat, and comms are now enabled..

I will now test functionality and program the basic set up...


Brent Warkentin


It defaults to device when the fingerprint isn't recognized. If you could post the fingerprint from the device page, @bcopeland can add it to the generic z-wave thermostat driver.

I recommend the Generic Z-Wave Plus Thermostat driver.. In 2.3.3 there is a proper fingerprint for the device.


This is the device data...

  • deviceType: 21570
  • firmware1Version: 3.02
  • serialNumber: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x9F,0x6C,0x59,0x85,0x80,0x70,0x5A,0x72,0x8F,0x73,0x31,0x44,0x45,0x40,0x42,0x43,0x86,0x5D,0x7A
  • zwNodeInfo: 53 DC 00 04 08 06 5E 9F 6C 59 85 5C 80 70 5A 72 8F 73 31 44 45 40 42 43 86 5D 7A 68 23
  • protocolVersion: 6.08
  • hardwareVersion: 0
  • firmwareVersion: 6.08
  • deviceId: 21561
  • manufacturer: 330

Controller TRype is ZWV

See above



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