Ecolink Motion Sensor

I have several of the Ecolink zwave motion sensor version 2 ( PIRZWAVE2-ECO-2) and they are not responding to motion. If I switch them to the generic zwave device they work. Was the driver written for version 2 of this sensor?

Which driver did they initially pair with?

Generic Zwave Motion Sensor

And it works with that driver correct?

Yes the motion is being reported correctly.

Battery is showing 99 which cant be correct.

I have a couple of those and have always used them with the Generic Z-Wave Motion Sensor driver. Now that you mention it, though, they both show 100% battery which seems very unlikely.

I am trying to get battery reporting working with the below code from smartthings. I made the recommended changes and the code loaded fine but the sensor shows as not configured and I have the error " [dev:66]2018-07-19 21:42:14.374:errorgroovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: scaledConfigurationValue for class: hubitat.zwave.commands.configurationv2.ConfigurationSet on line 148 (configure)"

Any idea what the issue is?


Noticing that motion isn’t working as well.