Ecolink FireFighter Device

Does anyone have one of these devices? It is the Ecolink FF-ZWAVE5. It is a CO/Smoke Audio Detector!! It listens for the audio from a in-house wired smoke or smoke/co detector that you already have hardwired in your home. If your existing smoke/co detector goes off it knows which audio sound (whether smoke detected or CO detected) and sends the appropriate signal to the hub.

I have one of these and they do work! It saves you from having to replace all of your existing detectors.

Any chance there might be an interest in adding this to HE? thanks

There's a driver located here:

There are some posts here on how to convert a driver from ST to HE. Shouldn't be that difficult to port it over yourself.

Thanks for the code but I am not able to do this kind of stuff. So I guess I will have to wait until someone does the transformation from ST to HE.

Did the built in Ecolink Z-wave Smoke/CO Audio Device driver not work?

I did not know that one existed. I can give it a try for sure. I will let you know. Thanks

I have one, and use the built in driver. Great device.

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Yup, me too. Built-in driver works fine, and was automatically assigned to the device when I paired it. The smoke detector I installed mine next to went off recently (just something on the stove), I received an HSM alert as intended.

That was the ticket! Thanks bjcowles! Thanks guys.

Another option is the Kidde SM120X relay and a zwave contact switch. The relay module is hard wired in and when it senses voltage on the alarm wire that goes to all normal smoke detectors in a newer home it will close a small relay. Tie the dry contacts or the relay to the external sensor of a door switch and you can be notified if your smoke detector trips. There are pluses and minus of this approach verse putting an audio detector next to a smoke detector. Both will work in the end.

Hi, anyone know if there is an european version of this?( 868.42 MHz)

I just installed one and it works great. However, in the device events, one of the fields is "name" which shows either carbon monoxide or smoke, but %name% does not show the alarm type in HSM notification. Any thoughts?

I don't believe %name% is a valid value, not sure if there is a way to get it announced with the specific alert type as %device% is the name of the device and %value% would be "clear" or "detected"

Tagging @bravenel as I'd also like to know if there is a way to do this either in HSM or RM 3?

Thinking about this more, I'm pretty sure you could use RM 3 to create a GV string and then set it from a detected alert type (CO or Smoke) then use that variable in your message in HSM, but the problem would be that the alert would probably be announced prior to the GV being sent so it wouldn't work correctly.

The best option might be to use an RM 3 trigger (CO or Smoke detected) and then announce it there.

Just wanted to thank you all for recommending the Ecolink Z wave audio detector for smoke and Co2. I had been using LEEO but that just went belly up last month so needed something to connect to Hubitat to inform me, God forbid, if my smoke alarm went off. Luckily I read about that tiny inclusion button inside the device otherwise I would have been lost. All went well, Hubitat had a driver, found it right away and used HSM custom rule to send a Pushover txt to me if a smoke alarm ever went off. So to all, thanks! ! Hubitat has a great community.


Has anyone had any luck getting HSM to alert rather Smoke or CO was detected?

I just got the zigbee version of this ecolink firefighter device. It has a temperature reading but there's nowhere to enter an offset? I'm using the built in ecolink smoke/co driver.

Edit: It looks like the built in driver is for zwave version... just sent an email to support hoping they can whip up a driver for the zigbee one.

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