Ecolink Firefighter battery level notification

I am using the Ecolink Firefighter (Z-wave plus. version) and am very pleased so far with the HE integration. Seems to be very reliable and notifications are working very well. In addition to setting up notifications for smoke, CO, temp and tamper, I also set up one for low battery level.

Does anyone know what the numerical battery level is for the CR123A at which the FF will still report but when the battery should be replaced? I suppose I can sacrifice a battery by progressively discharging it, putting it back in the FF and getting a reading of the battery level, then determine what the minimum level is that will keep the FF operational, but I was hoping someone would already have this information.

I arbitrarily set the low battery warning level to 50% but do not know what the device driver battery level percentage is based on. If it is simply a percentage of full charge (around 3.2-3.3v) , then of course the low battery warning should be set to something closer to 2.8v - 3.0v divided by a fully charged voltage of 3.2-3.3v (or 84 - 87.5%). If the 0% is 2.8 or 3.0v, then the percentage used for a low battery notification would be much lower. In other words, what voltage is the 0% level in the device driver set to?

As the Firefighter has a supported driver, I am hoping that one of the staff can answer this question. Also, is there a standard way in which battery level is reported for Z-wave and Zigbee devices in general? It would be great to know so that proper notification levels can be set to optimize the timing of when the batteries should be replaced as it will vary based on each device’s efficiency and how often it is reporting or activated. Thanks for any info and help.

In my very recent experience, 1%.

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Thanks so much for your quick reply. I am assuming therefore that the 0% level is set to the actual “failure” voltage of the CR123A (typically around 2.8v or so?). I guess I can lower my notification level for battery replacement down to around 5-10% (to give me time to make sure I have one on hand) as lithium batteries do not have a linear relationship between voltage and remaining capacity. Thank you again.

I would also point out most battery reporting is iffy at best... I would never depend on the accuracy of any device reporting a correct battery level. That said, in HSM I simply set up a low battery notification for any battery unit I use when it gets below 20%. It sends a repeated message to my phone until I take care of it. I figure that even if it's not accurate, at that point the battery should be replaced.


thanks @rlithgow1 ,
I guess that 20% would be a good safe warning indicator since lithium batteries hold voltage pretty well compared to remaining capacity then voltage drops off rapidly near depletion. Unlike alkaline, which has a much more linear relationship. That is why I was wondering what type of algorithm was being used by HE (or at least the FF) to estimate remaining battery charge.

He doesn't provide the math, it only reads the device. The device is what sends its battery levels

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