Ecolink contact sensor

I tried pairing my Ecolink Z-Wave contact sensor and it wouldn't take. I tried everything and ended up putting it back into ST. Here's the Raw description from ST if that helps:

zw:S type:2001 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:30,71,72,86,85,84,80,70 ccOut:20

It kept trying to add a motion sensor so I changed the type to contact but that didn't work.

And now whenever I do Discover Devices I get the same motion sensor added even though there isn't one being paired. I delete it and it just comes back. Perhaps I need a hub reboot?

EDIT: YUP, a reboot solved this

I wish I had found this post yesterday, before I lost my mind a little bit. :rofl:

Exact same behavior, all the way through to needing a reboot to clear a phantom device that was hung in an initializing phase.

Anyway +1 for this, would be great if I didn’t have to go buy a bunch of new Door/Window sensors.

Ecolink Door/Window Sensor: DWZWAVE2-ECO
zw:S type:2001 mfr:014A prod:0001 model:0002 ver:2.00 zwv:3.40 lib:06 cc:30,71,72,86,85,84,80,70 ccOut:20
Open/Closed States.
Battery %
It has an internal button that detects when the cover is removed (reports this info in ST)

@kewashi … did you see this? I hope to test today.

Does this work with Ecolink contact sensors?

The fact that no Hubitat support folks have responded to my post is a sign that it’s still too early days to move my stuff over. I’m only moving motion detectors and lights that need fast response over and using the DTH some guy wrote that ties Hubitat into ST to use ST as my main front end. So I have fast motion to light response with the mature front end of ST for all other use cases. With HousePanel my Hubitat light icons will refresh instantly.

Having and eating my cake at the same time…

I hear you and can see myself heading that way rapidly.

That driver does specifically mention the Ecolink Door/Window sensor (mfr:014A prod:0001 model:0002), and also the tilt sensor fwiw.

Going to give it a shot now, might take me a little bit as I have to learn how to do custom drivrs first :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes. Doing custom DTH’s is a snap. Just copy and paste the whole file into the device area after you say new device.

Hubitat did not detect the sensor at all, thinking I must have messed up the exclusion from ST I did multiple rounds of exclusion process on both ST and Hubitat … yet now neither system will detect the sensor at all, I’m left with a non-functioning sensor and basically no way to troubleshoot.

I know folks like to hate on Zigbee becuase of 2.4GHz … but wow, at least removing and adding devices is brainless. I’m at the end of my rope with Zwave shenanigans and arcane rituals that don’t work.

It does work.

Not sure why this wasn’t the case for me in the past, but I accidentally learned that the exclude procedure for the sensor is different to the include procedure (the Ecolink docs say it’s the same, but that is not true in my experience today).

I found when zwave exclusion mode is active, you just put the battery back into the sensor and do NOTHING else, the red light should just do a slow blink forever and eventually the ST app should report the device was excluded successfully.

After that, I was able to include in Hubitat by pulling the battery (5+ sec), entering inclusion mode, putting the battery back in and immediately holding in the little button to make it think the cover was put back on.

Initially it detects as Generic Zwave Motion Sensor, go ahead and save it anyway.

Then you can go to the devices list and edit it from there, changing the driver Type to User\Aeon Recessed Door Sensor … yes that’s incorrect in a literal sense but it most definitely works, reporting open/close state changes noticeably quicker than ST ever did.

Nice, sanity restored lol.


Thanks - will give it a try. Exclusion as you described it is how I have always done it. The include in Hubitat is the step that didn’t work for me. Will try again.

2+ months later and same problem. For more than a year, had an Ecolink Z-Wave contact functioning as a door mat relay (thanks @kewashi for the mat driver).

I'm not sure I properly excluded it from ST, so that may be the issue; but not for lack of trying. I removed and excluded from ST (many times) without any positive indication that it worked. And, for good measure, also excluded with Hubitat (again, many times). Used every method in this thread.

Using Hubitat to include gives me nothing. Even put a fresh battery in it. Hoping someone has discovered the silver bullet! :joy: And will pass it on to me.

P.S. @kewashi In anticipation of it eventually pairing, I made the pro forma changes to your ST DTH and it saved, so I'm going to try it. But, I wonder if it's a good idea. Going way back, I kinda recall the main feature was the pretty feet icon. Does it do more?

Quoting myself, which is never a good sign.

Although no pairing success, I did get affirmation from ST's exclude process that I was able to exclude it. But still no-go on pairing.

I pull the battery for at least the specified 5 seconds and then re insert. I've tried either to let it flash red or to push the black (cover) button which stops the flashing; from distances ranging from 1/2 inch to 20 feet.

Ideas? Anyone?

I have two "spare" Ecolink Sensors: DW-ZWAVE2 /FCCID: XQC-DWZ1.

I took one, which I think was paired to to one of my other Z-Sticks and watched live logs while waving a magnet nearby. Saw the blinking LED to indicate it saw the magnet's movement. Nothing in the log, indicating it's not paired to my "production" network. In other words, an ideal device to mimic your situation, because I'll have to Exclude it and then Include it.

Just to make sure, I put Hubitat into Discovery and did the pairing dance. Nothing. Perfect, it is paired to something else!!

Now I can start the real test.

I removed the Ecolink cover, pulled the battery, waited 5 seconds... put Hubitat into ZWave exclude... Performed the Ecolink Include/Exclude dance.. nothing noticeable to confirm Exclude.

Removed the cover again, pulled the battery again, waited 5 seconds, again...

Performed the Ecolink Include/Exclude dance.. nothing noticeable to confirm Include and nothing showing on the Discovery page. Waited 5 mins to verify it didn't discover it invisibly.

I think I've confirmed your scenario. The distance between the Hubitat and the Ecolink was roughly the length of my arm.

Now it was time for some diagnostic testing.

I have a Z-Stick on another computer, on the same network running OpenRemote and thus (potentially) able to pair this onto the "production" network.

Removed the Cover, battery, wait 5 seconds, whip out my phone and go to the Include/Exclude buttons I have on my custom interface and clicked Include. Ecolink dance.. nothing. Ooooh. As if it didn't exclude under Hubitat.

Removed the Cover, battery, wait 5 seconds, whip out my phone and go to the Include/Exclude buttons I have on my custom interface and clicked Exclude. Ecolink dance.. Bingo!! The LED on the Ecolink flickered then started blinking slowly, even before I could get the cover on. [OpenRemote logs shows a success as well.]

Back to Hubitat and Include (Discover)... Ecolink dance.. instantly found.
Generic Z-Wave Motion Sensor 60 <-- new
Manufacturer:014AProduct Name:Generic Z-Wave Motion SensorModel Number:Unknown Part NumberdeviceTypeId:53

It's not a motion sensor, but very much better than no discover at all :slight_smile:

Create Time 2018-05-13 13:49:34 PDT
Last Update Time 2018-05-13 13:51:08 PDT
Last Activity At 2018-05-13 13:49:39 PDT

deviceType: 1
inClusters: 0x30,0x71,0x72,0x86,0x85,0x84,0x80,0x70
outClusters: 0x20
deviceId: 2
MSR: 014A-0001-0002
manufacturer: 330

I picked the Generic Zwave Contact Sensor driver and yes, it worked properly:

Current States

battery : 99
null : null
contact : closed

Wow! Thanks for all the effort!

I'm not sure where I should pick up your story to apply your lessons learned. Is your conclusion that it needs a proper exclude process? As I reported, I thought I got a good exclude from ST; do you think that's suspicious?

The entirety of my Z-Wave devices capable of exclusion are: ST, Hubitat, Wink and maybe one of my Minimotes. Should I repeat the exclude on every controller I can get my hands on?

One - I think trivial - difference is that I have not actually replaced the cover; only emulated it by pressing the cover button. Possibly a difference-maker?

Thanks again. Really.

My example was an Exclude problem, yes. Yours... who knows :frowning: Would like to think so because yes, trying every Exclude device you own can't hurt.

I got a noticeable reaction from the Ecolink when it got Excluded.

I don't think the cover is part of the trick. It had excluded before I had a chance to put the cover back on. Same for Include. It showed up on the Hubitat display (Discovering) before I got the cover fully shut.

Reminder: Any ZWave Controller can Exclude any device. It does not require the same network to exclude. In fact, it's specifically designed to work in just that situation. Not often but occasionally, a manufacturer will ship a device still paired to their internal test network. You get it and it needs excluding first. Your controller must be able to do that exclude. The security is that you have to have some physical presence.

Yea, I'd think your Minimote would do a good job of excluding, even if it wasn't paired to your network.

A malicious example of the exclude is however easy to accomplish. I can take my Aeon Z-Stick and put it into Exclude mode, slip it in to my pocket and walk around YOUR house flipping lights on or off. I bet I could be pretty "destructive" :frowning:

Success! Wish I knew the magic formula to pass on to any others watching this, but I only did the same thing I had done fifty times previously. Although I added the step of excluding via a Minimote; but I don't think that was it, because, a couple of steps earlier, I excluded again by ST and got the ST notice that it had excluded a device. After that, one inclusion failed, but the second attempt was the one that worked.

Next up is an Ecolink garage door tilt sensor. My concern is that it is the same technology/Z-Wave as the contact so I may be in for more-of-the-same. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As much as I appreciate your help, I'm not giving you my address.


Not much more. It adds stepped on and empty status to open and closed.

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