Ecolink Chime doing something on ZWave every 4-5 seconds

My Hubitat experience has been rock solid and flawless for weeks/months, especially since the zwave antenna upgrades. After noticing a few strange things over the past few days I took a look at my logs and zwave logs. The Ecolink Chime is doing "something" on zwave every 4/5 seconds.

Any ideas?

Its telling you it is playing tone '0A' or 10 in decimal, which the driver is translating to 'null'


This is from the zwave docs as well explaining the tone identifier (0A in this case)

If you have the manual it should list what the tones are by number, or provide the model number so it can be looked up online.

Any idea why or how to stop? Thank you!

Pull the battery/power and wait 10 seconds then power it back up. See if that does the trick.
Otherwise model # would be helpful to look up a manual for it.

The chime is ISZW7-ECO, its the 700 series Ecolink chime. This unit has an internal backup battery. Plug/unplug didn't help, and exclude/join didn't either.

What fixed it was reseating the SD card, in case anyone else runs into this.

Thanks for the solution. I just wanted to let you know that my Ecolink chime stopped working. I saw your post, removed the SD card and reseated it. The chime is now working again. :joy:

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