EcoBee Switch+ Integration

I see that there is some integration with EcoBee Thermostats. Is there any integration with the EcoBee Switch+?

It connects to SmartThings, HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

I just ordered HE and am moving apartments at the end of the month. I currently have SmartThings set up with Hue and HomeBridge. I'm going to be replacing Hue with Lutron switches at the new apartment and got HE and the Lutro Pro Bridge. I think this device is the last one I've identified that might not have direct support by HE. Any ideas?

both hubitat and that switch support iftt perhaps there's some way to use iftt as a middle man...

im not sure im still figuring this stuff out and also have an ecobee switch i'm hoping to still use

Yea, I still haven't installed mine so never got around to checking it out. I think it integrates with SmartThings, so if it doesn't link to Hubitat I might just attach it to SmartThings and send it over to Hubitat from there. I just keep SmartThings around for things like this where I need a Wifi integration. I have less and less though now.

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