Ecobee Resume Schedule

I realize I have a "resume schedule" command in the device settings. Is there a way to send that command from a rule?

Here's what I'm trying to do during those spring/fall times where the temp drops (or doesn't) randomly:

The triggers: Temp drops below 66 OR Temp raises above 72

If below 66 THEN,
If night mode,
set heat point to 67
set heat point to 69

Similar for the cool settings as well.

Once we've switched to day mode and it's warmer, I want to resume the regular schedule on the ecobee. The commands in RM seem to be very basic compared to the device page options.

Is there a way to send that command circled in red?

Select run a custom action in RM and ResumeProgram should be an option.
I'm using the Ecobee suite by SanDood, so you may see different options but that should be one for you


Yes, what @terminal3 pointed out. I also use Ecobee Suite Manager and make full use of the resume command for such things as resuming HVAC settings when returning from an AWAY ARMED state (assume that when house is Away Armed that of course, nobody is in the house so do not need HVAC active to the degree as when the house is occupied), and when resuming programming after the HVAC has been reset to a wider range as when an exterior door or window has been left open for a certain period of time to save energy, then resumes the normal program when the door/window is closed. Can attest that it works very well with my Ecobee thermostats.