Ecobee Remote Sensors

Are you able to use automation with the remote sensors? I want to watch for motion. I do realize there is a big delay. For the automation needs I require, I'm flexiable with the delay.

Yes, they do report as normal motion/temperature detectors, however, their slow reporting makes them worthless for anything less than 15 minutes (which is the default check in time, if I recall correctly). Same thing with temp reporting.

That's perfectly fine. I basically use them to detect when everyone left the house along with presence. I'm assuming I can create a rule that looks at all the sensors, and life360 to see if we are gone.

Then it will initate the Roomba, and turn off all the lights.

I don't need anything that engages instantly. Not yet anyways.

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Oh yeah, in that instance it should be fine to use.

Okay awesome.

Well between this article and couple others. I bit the bullet and kicked off a purchase for the Hubitat. It was this over HomeSeer.

At the end of the day, for control of MyQ and viewing of my Axis camera, and manual control of devices I plan to use HomeKit. As for all the rules, this will happen on Hubitat.

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If you are planning on using Homekit, I recommend you take a look (if you haven't already) at Homebridge Plug-in.

I don't think you'll be disappointed with Hubitat at all.

I used to use HomeSeer. It isn't a bad system. But the interface is archaic looking, zigbee support isn't where it should be, and I got really tired of feeling 'nickel and dimed' with plugins/add-ons. It seemed like every other week I was having to buy a new plugin for some thing or another.

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I see my four remote sensors in the ecobee app in Hubitat but the are not showing up as devices and I can’t seem to use them in automation. Why am I missing?

Did you check the boxes in the app via drop Down? In other words open drop down for the sensors and make sure the checkbox beside the ones you want devices for are checked. If not it won’t create devices for them.

I have one remote sensor. I have the box checked in the EccoBee setup. I can see the sensor in Rule Machine. However, it does not show up in my list of devices. I would like to add the sensor to one of my dashboards.

Found it, it was in the list with the name of the room it was assigned to