Ecobee Integration


Changes about once per two months ... hasn't changed lately ...

Nope ... using reserved-IP DHCP for everything on my LAN ...

Still authorized ... been authorized since December, IIRC ...


Thanks, when it fails next time, can you please grab past logs for the ecobee app and the app status page info? Please send via PM as the app status page contains keys. Specifically looking for a refreshToken and authToken and if it keeps changing or is it the same or missing?

Are you changing your password at all on Ecobee? I know that will kill your key.

Given that most work and some don't, it seems like something is reseting a key on the ecobee side. If its something we can address on our end we will. It sounds like for whatever reason the refresh token is either bad, expired or incomplete or something is invalidating the auth token, typically a password reset or server restart, etc.

Thanks for your help!


Will do ...

Haven't changed the account password since I created it ... ummm ... some 3 years ago I think, LOL ...


Had to ask... :slight_smile:


Hi @patrick - same thing as @elf is reporting, I haven’t changed my Ecobee password ever.

I’ve also been seeing a problem in the log complaining about “getCurrentFurnanceStatus”, I opened a thread here, not sure if it’s related.


Nope, that's a different issue, we have someone looking at the ecobee integration. So if you can PM me your app status (the gear) and any past logs related to the ecobee app that would help narrow down the cause (if it is on our end)


I'm going to take a wild guess and say that my problems are likely related to my NTP problem. I'm sure the ecobee tokens don't take too kindly to time drift, especially giant leaps backwards in time.
I'll wait and see if I continue to have issues with ecobee authentication now that I've fixed my ntp issue.


I complained about my Ecobee not working after I upgraded from 2.04. Everything had been working with no issues and then it wasn't. I tried everything to get it working again and support never got back to me. It would work with ST but not HE which I had rules setup in. I eventually reverted back to 2.04 and re-authorized it and it is working again. I haven't done any HE upgrades since then as I am not convinced that Ecobee will work if I do.


I believe you may be using the custom driver/app that was ported over from ST and NOT the built-in HE integration for Ecobee. I would not expect Support to respond to requests to support custom apps/drivers, especially when there is a native app built in that they do support.

I have asked for enhancements (feature requests) to the native app to allow for the remaining Ecobee Comfort Settings to be set (Home, Sleep) that the ported custom app provides, but are missing in the native app. The native app does have setAway() and you can get to 'Home' by using resumeProgram(), but there is no way to get to Sleep (or Night).

My apologies if you are using the Native app. I am not experiencing any issue with the native app in the most recent firmware, other than the missing functions described above.


You are right, I am using the Ecobee Suite Manager app. It has been working with no issues up until that update. So obviously, something changed in the update to break whatever in the app. I use this app because I can setup a Custom Rule Machine command for setThermostatProgram.


Considering the trend with Ecobee cloud outages lately it would be nice to have the native Home and Sleep comfort modes. This way I can keep a schedule in the Ecobee set that I know will always work and then use HE to change the comfort mode depending on if someone is home/not that would override my normal schedule. At least this way there would be less reliance on the cloud but I would still be able to make use of the HE integration.


Not true. I am using the ported Ecobee Suite and it's working perfectly. Never had a problem except for all the Ecobee outages recently. The problem is ecobee not HE.


No it did not. Mine is working fine.


Could you clarify? What part of my statement are you referring to as 'not true?'


That was not a reply to you, my apologies. I was replying in on my phone and it must have miss-clicked.


No problem. Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to make sure I was not spreading un-truths.


Still seeing this error in logs, but may just be cloud issues with Ecobee. It does seem to be less frequent though.

Unhandled exception groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: thermostatList for class: in ecobee polling pollAttempt:1, isThermostatPolled:true, isSwitchesPolled:true


Does anyone know how to take ecobee out of away mode when hubitat away mode is stopped?
I have away mode set to issue setAway() to my ecobee which works well, and then it is supposed to issue resmeProgram() when hubitat exits away mode, but this part is not working. Do I have the wrong command?


@xamindar - I’m doing that very thing and it works well for me. I noticed you did have a typo in your post,


Should be: “resumeProgram()”

Here are a couple screen shots from mine:

Commands in RM:

Calling the resume:


It appears that the one thing that it still can't do is cancel a vacation program. It seems to be displaying the operating state correctly these days but still won't cancel a vacation if you "Resume Program".