Ecobee Integration


Ah yes, I forgot about the sensors tied to Comfort settings.


I did too.. it only hit me last night as I was trying to figure out why my bedroom was so cold. The fireplace in the family room threw it all off. Once I set my night profile via the ecobee app it balanced things out properly.


Also, the IFTTT integration doesn't allow the UntilNextTransition hold type. Just indefinite and hourly.


To anyone who's looking to be able to set their comfort profiles using SetThermostatProgram... someone ported over Sandood's Ecobee Suite from ST. It's only the main connect app and two drivers (none of the smartapps) but it's enough to let you use that command again correctly. Working for me so far.


Is your SetThermostatProgram still working. Since updating to the latest firmware update, my custom parameter has stopped working in my Rules. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue.


Nope... Mine is working I'm pretty sure.


Hmm! Well mine doesn't work in Rule machine or WebCore.


I spoke too soon. Checked again tonight and now it's not working again. I think a Centralite Pearl is going to be on my shopping list for Amazon this weekend. I am so sick of Ecobee's outages and bs. This is ridiculous. I got a Wifi thermostat so that I could still change it if HE went out. But now I can't do that or control it from HE so what's the point of having the thing?


Have you checked out the IFTTT integration for Ecobee recently? i just checked it on a whim. it now has hold for number of hours or hold indefinite or hold until next transition.


Just curious what rules you would have setup to interface with ecobee? I have an ecobee as well but just let the thermostat manage itself and don't really do much in Hubitat with it. Just wondering what others are using the integration for and how they're integrating it with their rules?


Well, I have various rules setup for the heat/air to adjust when we all leave or when someone comes home. I also have Ecobee adjust when my house goes into Night mode. But it isn't working now since the last update.


I don't think it has anything to do with Ecobee since it only happened when I last updated HE. It seems that the custom parameter isn't working in the rules anymore. I haven't looked at IFTTT yet but doesn't that mean that it would be working from the cloud?


Well, all of the Ecobee integration is in the cloud and not local. Your requests from either the native ecobee integration or the ecobee suite port to HE are connecting to the Ecobee cloud, not directly to your thermostat.

But surprisingly enough, mine started working this morning. The only one that seems to not be working is the hold at a comfort profile indefinitely. But hold nextTransition is working for a comfort profile name. But I think that might be a change to the API because that is the one option that isn't available anymore on IFTTT.


I let my Ecobees run their schedule as well but I have 2 use cases for HE. When cleaning lady comes and mode goes to cleaning I drop the temp for her. Then when she leaves I resume schedule.

When my mode changes to away and my vacation switch is on, I set Ecobees to away because I often forget to do it myself.


Holding indefinitely is the only feature I need, the 4-hour max just doesn't accommodate our needs when we're away for more than a day. Otherwise, I'd be hands-off with the E4s.


You can set to a certain temperature indefinitely...just not to a specific comfort profile indefinitely (it seems).


OK, so maybe if I change the custom parameter to nextTransition it will work. What are the other options for this?


So I tested this parameter in ST using WebCore and it works fine. So it has something to do with hubitat or Rule Machine. Support hasn't gotten back to me all week. A little lacking in response time.


You tested the indefinite hold type and it worked? Because it's not working for me anywhere. Only nextTransition or holdHours.


Yes, it worked using ST and Webcore. I haven't been able to get it working in HE since the last update.