Ecobee Integration


i wouldn't worry about it, the message shouldn't be an error,

if that number starts climbing, that's probably an issue.


Hey all,

I just installed the native Ecobee support to start playing with it. When I view the Ecobee thermostat temp in the device, it's no where near what the Ecobee thermostat shows which is 75

What am I missing?


What happens when you hit refresh?


Nothing, still says 70

I have 3 devices in HE

  1. Living Room - Remote Sensor
  2. Ecobee Thermostat which is reading 70
  3. EcobeeTherm which is reaing 76, which is what is displayed on the thermostat

I wonder if I should be using the EcobeeTherm rather than the Ecobee Thermostat



@toy4rick It doesn’t look like you are using the native driver. The ecobee suite sensor/thermostat is the community driver that was ported over from smart things.

Also, thought I’d share that I have 2 ecobee thermostats and 2 sensors controlling separate zones at one location - when I make temp changes to one thermostat, both thermostats are changing. Doesn’t occur every time. I’m not sure what all the variables are yet, in part b/c I haven’t fully integrated it. I’d love to be able to set home/sleep/away, thats pretty much all I need in order to integrate it into my existing setup. I’m currently using the suite to accomplish that.


I'm in the same boat as you. I trigger thermostat modes based on events as well. Home/Away based on presence, morning/day/evening/night temps based on scene's and also I set a "disabled" mode and "resume program" if any door or window is left open for 5 minutes. This way we don't worry about AC running and having the doors open.

I found that ported driver works well, but every now and then it starts to fail authenticating the token and then I have to reset it, the devices and my pistons. I'm hoping the official driver will not give the same issues.


Same situation with my setup too. I have to re-authorize about monthly and that involves creating a replacement thermostat device and reassigning it throughout webCoRE/RM and any other references.


Well I know some don't want to use IFTTT here, but honestly it works really well with Ecobee, I have been using it for years. When Echo didn't originally support thermostats, I would set a temporary temperature rise, and then use it to resume as well. It responds very quickly, not like the delay you get with some IFTTT services.

You can set holds, comfort profiles and resume via IFTTT.
Here's an example from the IFTTT Ecobee service page...

"Set thermostat comfort profile until next transition

This Action will set the thermostat into a hold using the settings from the specified comfort profile. This comfort profile hold will remain in effect until the next next comfort profile transition in the program."

Ecobee App/Driver Port from SmartThings

Thanks. What comes to mind is that would require me learning new things? :open_mouth: Like, can I call a IFTTT function from within webCoRE? I think I can, but I would have to educate myself. (Think old dog ... new tricks). I am willing to go there if the functionality is not built into the integration in the near future. Until then, my current setup does work, even though it does require maintenance as it loses authentication.


IFTTT takes a lot less mind share to learn than webCoRE. It's literally, if THIS happens (click on the word "this" and select a Hubitat trigger, such as a switch turns on), then THAT should happen (click on the word "That" and select the Ecobee action, such as resume program for example). Not hard at all.


Just to communicate my wish list, what I am hoping for is a single thermostat tile that includes current temp, heat and cool setpoints, and mode settings. would be fine if mode was through a pop up, and would be fine if the tile would need to be set as double wide and or height. I would really like to be able to set background tile color on if the unit is currently running.

Use case
I have one ecobee4 downstairs, and another ecobee 4 to control upstairs. I envision each thermostat having a thermostat tile on my dashboard. It would be nice to be able to look at my wall mounted ipad from a distance with dashboard running, and be able to tell which zones are currently kicked on by tile background color. I would also like to be able to adjust either thermostat from the dashboard.


Okay. I took the 10 minutes to study up on IFTTT and activating from webCoRE. You were correct in that it was not as big a deal as I was thinking it was. I created separate IFTTT recipes to switch ProgramMode to Away/Sleep and Resume (Home). I added those into my webCoRE pistons in place of the ST ported driver calls. We will see how it works. One thing I was doing before was checking the ProgramMode state of the thermostat before sending a command to change it (in case it was already set there). I have no way to query the thermostat for ProgramMode with the current integration so I cannot do that check before I change the ProgramMode. Not a big deal (I hope).

If it works, I will be able to remove the ported ST Ecobee apps/driver. Thanks for suggestion.


This! I was about to setup the Ecobee app for this very use case and realized this cannot be done. Controlling Home and away is really the primary use case I need to integrate my thermostats with HE. The ecobee app is very feature rich and I use it to make adjustments to temp but automating the programming mode is important.

@mike.maxwell are there any plans to allow program mode changes with the stock app and driver?

Ecobee integration?

I will look into it!

Ecobee integration?

How has this worked out for you as a temporary alternative until native integration of these features?


Unclear at this time. It did not appear to work as expected on Friday. I went back in and reset the IFTTT webhook string and copied that to webCoRE and added the IFTTT integration into HE (I had not done that part and I think that was my problem). It does look like it functioned as I expected last night (switched the ProgramMode to 'Sleep' and then back to 'Home' based on conditions). Not enough activity (everyone leaving or someone returning to an empty house) to determine it if is effective, yet. I will know better after a few more days of observations.


+1 for setSchedule('away/home/sleep/etc'), so I can do a custom command from RM. That's how I've always done Ecobee automation (with ST), using the program modes.

Plus the set temperature isn't working properly from RM. It always sets to the maximum allowed temperature.

Right now if I try to use the setSchedule capability in the driver I get the following error if I send a string. Either I'm sending the wrong content for this action or it doesn't work. If the former, please point me to some instructions.

[dev:353](http://REDACTED/logs#dev353)2018-08-06 15:38:53.159:errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: EcobeeThermostat.setSchedule() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [ANYTHING I PUT HERE] Possible solutions: setSchedule()

I can't figure out what sort of json it's looking for, or if it just doesn't work.

I'm also getting the following using the resumeProgram call

[ev:353](http://REDACTED/logs#dev353)2018-08-06 15:35:04.999:warnsetSchedule() is not supported by this Ecobee Device

For now, IFTTT will have to do. It's just a PITA to setup.


ACK! I was so excited when I saw this is supported, installed the app, found the devices, polled them and everything looks awesome. Then, went to create a rule to put Ecobee in away mode when life 360 says everyone is away. No option to set the ecobee into away mode (or to resume programming) through rule manager.

PLEASE add this. This is the only thing I use the Ecobee integration for. Currently, I rely on IFTTT, which works okay, but it is a bit slow to react.


Thanks for the Ecobee integration! Being able to control the thermostat based on different sensors around the house was one big reason I went ahead with buying a Hubitat!

That said, I'm encountering a single issue at this time. Trying to set the "Fan" to "On" through Hubitat (or changing the fan state in general) just results in my thermostat being placed into "Home" mode. (As if I had tapped on "Home for Now" on the ecobee UI.) In addition to this, the Fan's mode isn't modified at all. (It remains on Auto) Is it safe to assume this isn't the expected (or rather, intended) result?


:rofl: I only tested turning the fan off with via my Nest Protects! Never tested my rule that is supposed to turn them on. I get the same thing, just goes into Home and Hold.

Glad the fan off rule is working. Guess I'll use homebridge for the fan on rule for the time being.