Ecobee Integration

Hello, I have a new ecobee 4 with 3 total sensors in separate rooms. I have just recently installed the ecobee integration built in app and was noticing these errors in the logs. How do I refresh the token?

app:4392019-06-08 03:14:21.109 pm warnGot poll data for My ecobee with identifier 511870068451 that doesn't have a driver

app:4392019-06-08 03:14:20.399 pm infoHttpResponseException Internal Server Error, 500 polling ecobee pollAttempt:1, isThermostatPolled:false, isSwitchesPolled:true, [status:[code:14, message:Authentication token has expired. Refresh your tokens. ]]

With the built-in Ecobee support, you need to redo the login authentication to get things working again.

If I may, I suggest looking at my Ecobee Suite as an alternative to the built-in support. It is far more resilient, recovers automatically from most Ecobee server/API failures, and offers a sweet suite of Helper applications to better integrate Ecobee into your Hubitat home automations...oh, and it is free.

[RELEASE] Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.**


I took your advice. Might have been a little over my head but seems to have installed. Trying to set a simple rule to set the ac to cool to 76 when an ecobee sensor in a bedroom reaches >77. I keep getting this error in the log.

2019-06-12 04:04:06.108 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toBigDecimal() on null object on line 2013 (setCoolingSetpoint)

dev:3692019-06-12 04:04:06.048 pm infosetCoolingSetpoint() request with setpoint value = 76.0°F

OK, that looks like a log from Ecobee Suite Thermostat - correct?

What is the version number of Ecobee Suite Thermostat that you are using (the line number doesn't match with the latest version).

Are you using Rule Machine to change the setpoint? I suggest entering temperatures as "76.0" and not "76"...

I downloaded the version you posted in the link above. Do I need to upgrade it somehow?

The version numbers for the Ecobee Suite Helper Apps and the Drivers are found in the preferences/settings pages for each file. if you use the Import File approach to load the code into your Hubitat IDE, then you should be able to go back into the Drivers Code/Apps Code pages, open each file, then click Import...repeat for all 14 files and you should be running the latest/greatest.