Ecobee and hold


Does Ecobee expose the hold mode to HE? I have an issue where my kiddos (and wife) continuously turn up the heat and put it on hold. Ecobee minimum hold state is 2 hours. Hoping I could see the hold in RM and then be able to reset after 30min. Thoughts on solving this with HE?

There is a port of the Ecobee Suite from ST that allows you to do custom settings for your hold patterns. nextTransition, indefinite, etc. I know that it also allows you to see the hold state in the ecobee but you will have to use a program called WATO to detect it and do something with it.

Maybe trigger off state change of thermostatOperatingState or cooling/heating setpoint and send resume Program 30min later. Everytime the heat or cool actually engages, or target is changed, it would get a resumeprogram command 30 min later... if changed due to regular program no big deal, but if because someone manually changed, then should go back to regular schedule.

Just noticed this was an old post..

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