Ecobee and getCurrentFurnaceStatus error


I've been using the Ecobee integration app for months, but recently I've noticed the following error message in my log:

2019-02-07 09:02:03.516 pm Internal Server Error (getCurrentFurnaceStatus)

Happens every 5 minutes.

If I look at the device, it seems to be working properly, but the error is troubling.

Any ideas what could be going on?

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  • Version: 1.0.2

Ecobee servers have been on the fritz for weeks. Can't even access it fro. The Ecobee app most of the time recently.

I have the same thing. I've noticed that the driver now updates the operating status state variable. I'm guessing that there's been some changes to the integration that are not playing nice with the typical Ecobee outage patterns. I don't know what's going on with Ecobee, but their reliability have been in the gutter for a month of more. I'm yanking them out as soon as I can afford replacements.

I’m still seeing the getCurrentFurnaceStatus error message in the logs.

Since everything else is working with my Ecobee, I’m guessing there was a change in the API, might need an update to the HE driver.


i don't see it anymore. Oh that's right, that's because I ripped those off my walls and replaced them with Pearls.

I get this too. Not seeming to have any impact I can notice but annoying in the logs.

You probably won't notice the impact. I believe it has to do with updating the state, which prior to the latest point release was not being updated at all. It now get's updated with heating and idle states for example. With that update, this error began. I believe it's polling the API and only fails on occasion, which is what we're seeing. You might see that when the exception occurs the state of the HVAC isn't getting updated.

All speculation. I use the state to open and close vents, so I noticed when it would not update. Unless Ecobee improves their API experience, I don't see this problem going away. Tight integration with Ecobee isn't reliable.

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I'm seeing this too. Might not have any "impact" but we should still not have integrations that constantly thow errors.

after updating to 2.0.7, I'm not seeing this anymore.