Ecobee 2 offline

My ecobee has been "frozen" on my SharpTools dashboard for a couple of days. I have rebooted the ecobee (by removing power for a few seconds), rebooted the dashboard, rebooted Hubitat - and still not working. I see that it is "offline"
ecobee offline

I've pressed "refresh" on the devices page, but no change in status. Events are being reported on Hubitat.

Advice will be greatly appreciated!

If events are being seen at the Hubitat end, the issue would appear to be at the SharpTools end, or perhaps in the SharpTools integration. Tagging @josh for the rescue!

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Thanks for the tag, @aaiyar. I'll send you a PM to gather more details, @silvermanstan.

Just to make sure I understand correctly, if you manually change a setting on the thermostat - like the thermostat mode - you see the relevant state update in the Hubitat device details (eg. thermostatMode), but you don't see it update in SharpTools?

Edit: Just an update that Stan got things working again. It turns out that when the thermostat setpoint was manually adjusted that it wasn't updating in Hubitat either. Logging back into the Ecobee integration (Hubitat app) got the integration working again and the device reporting as online!


Josh and James led me to the solution.

Nothing to do with SharpTools. Device was "offline" in Hubitat, and the solution was to login again to the Ecobee integration. Don't know how the connection was lost; first time I've experienced this problem.

All is well! Thanks for the help.


I'm having the same problem.. roughly every 2 weeks it disconnects, forcing me to re-login and re-authorize.

I've only had it occur once. (Knock on wood!)

I have no clue as to what caused it to lose connection to Hubitat.

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