ECO-Net Water Valve Dashboard Tile Status

I have two of these valves, one to shut off the water in the event of a leak, and another that opens once the water is off to relieve pressure in the system to a drain.

I've noticed that the dashboard tile never seems to update to the current state correctly. It is configured as a "Generic Z-Wave Valve" and I'm wondering if this may be related. It is a Z-Wave Plus device, but out of all the "Generic Z-Wave Plus --DEVICE--", there is no option for a valve.

If I go to the device itself and manually refresh, the correct status is reflected on the dashboard tile. Any thoughts on how to correct this?


I just checked mine which I also have as a generic Z wave valve. If I MANUALLY turn the valve off or on nothing appears on my dashboard, yet if I press the Econet icon in the dashboard, I get a prompt for yes or no . If I press YES the valve closes and the color status of the icon changes to what I have set. Once closed if I press the icon in the dashboard again, the prompt once again comes back YES or No and if I press YES the valve opens and once again the icon color changes back to the original color I have it set. In the icon section for the template , I chose VALVE.

One other note, the icon in my dashboard doesnt say open or close. The way I can tell is the use of colors, different color for open and another for close plus I set up a notification to tell me when the valve closes thereby informing me there was a leak.

Intrestingly, I also use Sharptools dashboard, the free version, an in there the icon DOES show open or close unlike Hubitats dashboard.

Are you getting the prompts on the dashboard of YES or No when you press the Econet icon? Does the valve open and close for you when you press the dashboard icon? If not "possibly" you may have to remove it and reinstall it as a Z wave device again

Thanks for your reply. I'm going to try and recreate this later today. Earlier when I had a look at the dashboard, both valves were in their correct default status (for normal household operation) but the main water valve tile showed it was closed. When I looked at the actual device, it also showed an incorrect status. By clicking on 'Refresh', the status updated correctly on both the device screen and the dashboard.

If I control the valve through the dashboard, I do get the correct status and my requested action is confirmed by a prompt. Not long ago I spilled some water on the floor which triggered one of the water sensors. The main valve closed as expected and the pressure relief valve also opened as it should. It was after this that the dashboard and device both showed an incorrect status.

I will try this again to see if I can reproduce the problem. What I can say however, is that many times in the past I have also noticed an incorrect status. As I understand it, Z-Wave devices don't update their change in status the way Z-Wave Plus devices do and this is why I wondered if it may be related to a non-Plus driver. If I recall correctly, I manually pressed the button on the valves with prior events rather than using voice control or the HE dashboard.

One of the things I've done with my Bulldog valve is mount a contact sensor on the arm and base - I can independently verify if the valve has opened or closed. Works great.. I run an automated test on the first of each month where I shut off the water then turn it back on and then get a report.

edit: I've never noticed that switching manually does not fire an event though.. will have to investigate that.

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What I've also do as a double check is if the valve closes to make a notification. If the valve closes and the water is shut off , I get a pushover notification . This way I'm not relying on the dashboard icon to tell me which way the Econet water valve is set to. Just a thought

I can report the same behavior - manual open/close (on/off) does not report while activating from the device page does. I'm using the generic z-wave driver.

Interestingly hitting refresh does nothing either - like it's refusing to report state if manually changed... weird and annoying.

I guess I never noticed this because I usually control everything via rules etc.


This is one of those little things I've been chasing because I just can't figure out why everything else works as expected except this lol. I have a rule setup so when a leak is detected, I get a notification on my phone in addition to an announcement on my Sonos speakers and any of my Hue lighting turns on and to red indicating an alarm status.

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