Echo Speaks Zone Activity in webCoRE

Hey folks, I have three zones setup, each with a motion sensor and an Echo. I would like to send Echo messages only to active zones. My thought would be to use webCoRE to check if a zone is active, then speak through that device (and if none are active, speak through all). However, the zones that I have exported as devices don't a variable for active/inactive. I could make a virtual switch for each zone that I turn on/off as the zone is active/inactive, then use webCoRE check the virtual switch (zone status) before speaking through the echo device, but that seems pretty roundabout.

I could replicate some of this with Echo Speaks Actions (or at least do some of it in Actions and some of it by triggering a webCoRE piston from Actions), but I'd like to consolidate it in all in one automation and not split it between two.

Anyone know a clean way to get the Echo Speaks zone status in webCoRE?

I think the zone virtual device attribute 'onlineStatus' should be what you want.

Ah! I hadn't even seen that value. I'll give it a try. Thank you!

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