Echo Speaks Quit working

I am somewhat a newbie to the habitat platform. I installed Echo speaks about a month ago, Is work awesome. Recently I received update to this version Main App (v3.6.2.0) . As of yesterday it no longer works. This is the message I'm getting on the app Echo speaks. (You are no longer logged in to Amazon. Please complete the Authentication Process on the Server Login Page!) For the life of me I do not know how to get to this server page and sign back in. I have Created many useful Rules in Rule Machine that Utilize Echo speaks. I would really like to get it working again without having to uninstall and reinstall. It was hard enough for a newbie like me the 1st time to install it and get it right.

Check your settings and refresh your logon info and/or your token. Should start working again. There is a known bug that the token expires. I've not been following the development as I installed echo speaks on my smartthings hub and connected it to avoid the issue.


You probably should have posted this in the main Echo Speaks thread.

What I think you are looking for is in the Echo Speaks app.

I think it is the 5th box down, "Login Status | Service Management".

Once you are in that section, it should give the current status of your login (mine has check marks) at the top of the page, and a settings box "Manage Login Service" at the bottom of the page.

In that settings box, there should be an Amazon Login page. It should pop up a new window where you log in using your Amazon credentials.

Save/Done until you get back to the Hubitat main menu.


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