Echo Speak Actions Broken?

Hi All,

Noticed that none of my Echo Speak actions were working.. e.g. I have a switch that sends a voice command..

Looking at the logs I can see this (note the sending null command)… anyone else experiencing issues?


[app:4874]( 07:09:26.350 pm [trace]( (v4.1.8.0) | executeTaskCommands act_ null

[app:4874]( 07:09:26.346 pm [debug]( (v4.1.8.0) | Sending null Command: (turn off everything) to devices ([Echo - Daniel's Echo Flex])

[app:4874]( 07:09:26.197 pm [trace]( (v4.1.8.0) | conditionsStatus | ok: true |

Can you show the settings for that app?

Can you show the app pages?

If you don’t want things public sen private message with screen