Echo Glow Integration

Any known integration with Amazon Echo Glow? Essentially, I want to be able to display a certain color based on the weather/temp outside. I know I can use a LED strip etc to rig something up etc. but instead of DIYing, looking to use a prebuilt device with multiple color support.

Can you manipulate this device from an Alexa routine? If so, there's hope: you can use something in Hubitat to trigger an Alexa routine as desired (a virtual contact or motion sensor are the best bets; it would make sense to be able to use a switch too, but Amazon doesn't support that). The "easiest" way would be one virtual device per desired color, then use an app on Hubitat to "activate" that sensor (open/close or active/inactive) as desired, with an Alexa routine that triggers on that sensor event and manipulates the device as desired. Again, this assumes you can use Routines for this; I don't have one and don't know what Amazon/Alexa supports with it.

For the foreseeable future, I'd say this is as good as you can hope for. Amazon doesn't seem interested in letting other parties integrate with its devices for control outside of the Alexa ecosystem, which they (like most vendors) assume will be the center of your system.

For a natively supported option, a Z-Wave or Zigbee (or Hue or LAN) bulb in a lamp of your choice would be only slightly less sleek but probably more reliable. The HomeSeer HSM200 also has a color-changeable LED, though like most HomeSeer products, it's not cheap (and probably does more than you need). Inovelli switches and dimmers also have a programmable LED, though again they may do more than you need (HomeSeer's do too, but they are so tiny I can't imagine them being useful for much). Just thinking of some ideas that aren't lightstrips but are natively supported. :slight_smile: