Eaton ZWave Plus Dimmer Support

I just bought the Eaton RF9640-NDW Dimmer and none of the standard device drivers:
1 ) Generic Component Dimmer
2) Generic ZWave Dimmer
3). Generic ZWave Smart Dimmer

would manually (from Device Menu) turn it on/off.... finally I found the “Generic ZWave CentralScene Dimmer” could control it but then when I made a Tile and put it in my dashboard... the Tile had a question mark on it (I tried Dimmer / Switch /Bulb Icons) but nothing would make the question mark go away... nor when it is switched “on” by the tile does it change color to indicate it is on.

Would appreciate the coaching on how to resolve.

I highly suggest the Hubitat Help Page (Adding Tiles) comment on this question mark issue when setting up a device for the first time!

Thank you everyone.... LOVE this community!!

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