Eaton / Cooper RF9500 Battery Operated Switch / Dimmer

I am a new convert coming over from Wink / Cooper Aspire RF Controller. On Wink, I was able to use the Cooper Aspire RF controller as a secondary controller and that allowed me to add the RF9500 to the controller and through associations, it was able to control a relay. Now on Hubitat, I am trying not to use the RF controller as it seems Hubitat is way more capable of doing everything the RF controller could.

How do I setup the RF9500 switch / dimmer for it to work properly? I found code on SmartThings where they were able to get the 3 buttons to work, but I don't know how to convert that to Hubitat. Thanks.

Bump. Anyone get this working?

I found this ported device driver here:

I was able to successfully add the device. I see that it updates when pushed, but for some reason my automation apps (Basic Rules) don't get notified of the button presses.

Any help figuring out how to fix or debug this?

Has anyone got this device to work? :frowning:

Looking at the code it seems they are trying to convert button events to switch events. Not sure why? Maybe because this was before Hubitat supported Buttons?
Hubitat's button implementation - Developers - Hubitat

Anyway I think the way to use this in Apps is not to look for button presses, but to look for when the switch changes. Do not try to keep this button controller in sync with the actual device you are controlling. On/Off for this device are meaningless. Just watch for when it changes.

Thanks Scott for helping look into this. I think you are on to a good idea with the "switch change". I don't have time to test this, but when I do, I will be sure to update you here.

I was able to get it working using switch changes trigger in Rules Machine.

I also have one of these and would love to be able to get it working with Hubitat. My C7 won't add it and my C4 adds it but defines it as "Device" I change to selection to the custom device driver listed above and nothing happens.

See above. The device driver posted makes this button work/act/look like a switch. You need to use RM to look for when the 'switch' changes instead of button presses.

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