Easy way to see what triggered the HSM?

When my HSM trigger an alarm I have to check all motion sensors manually to check which one triggered.

Can this be done easy - for instance in the notification with the alarm? That would be awsome!

When sending notifications from HSM you can include %device% in the message to see what was triggered.

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FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!

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That is good.. but what if I want to walk up to the console and see what triggered the alarm. Push is nice, but I would like a button perhaps that would show the status, or when you open the HSM manager button on the dash that would show what triggered.

I'm sorry, but I do not know any straight forward way of doing that. The only thing that is shown when pressing the HSM-tile will be if and when anything have been triggered. Therefore what comes to mind might be considered as a work around, and this will be to use a tile for the notification receiver i.e. a phone in my case.

By pressing the three dots in the upper right corner...


... and then history will show all notifications sent.


yea, this does me no good.. so was it the door? was it a motion sensor? did the glass break?

I get that I can get alerts to my phone, but what if I accidently dismiss it?

Add a tile to your dashboard with your phone as the device (presence sensor) The history feature will show any notifications sent to your phone.

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I don't get notifications to the S10, I get it to Pushover, and all I see in the history is this


I guess this is just a feature that we will need to wait for. It just seems kinda strange that this was not thought of before.

I'm using the Hubitat app on my andriod smartphone so messages get sent directly not via Pushover. The history function on my dashboard does show the actual text that was sent in the notification not just MSG SENT. Sorry I know that that doesn't help you, I'm not an expert at Hubitat either still learning too. Maybe someone else can explain how to tweak your notification settings to avoid using Pushover

When using either Pushover or the official app, you will need to specify what to send. The example below is working as intended for both variants, and just by comparing will the log be easier to access in Pushover to the official app.


In the Pushover app on the phone...

yea, i have that, but i have a tablet on the wall with the dashboard, would like to be able to get status. not trying to argue, but if that info is cleared out, you see where I am coming from. I would like to see that on a central location.. this stuff should be stored. that is all i am saying.

Carl thats GREAT! So just to be clear, in my intrusion alerts in HSM when it comes to notifications and i choose Pushover if i just add %device% and %date% in the message pushover sends me it, the message will include, in this example the actual sensor that was triggered and the date?

Correct, but I think that the %date% will be redundant due to the fact that you will have the time stamp from Pushover as well.

Can't thank you enough for bringing this to my attention. I had seen these designations stated below the message area for Pushover, but it wasn't till i saw your comments that it sunk in how to utilize them. I've learned so much just by reading the forum and these handy tips. Thanks again for your explanation.

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You can add your mobile device that gets the notifications to your dashboard. Once you have your device selected, select attributes, then notifications, then hit add tile. Now the latest notification will be right on your dashboard tile. You will probably want to make the tile several tiles wide and a couple tiles tall depending on how long your notifications are and what font size you use.



There has GOT to be a way, I mean the info is there! I set up the tile as informed, and it does not work!

there is no option to select "notifications"

Here is my tile setup

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That does not help.. I use Pushover for notifications..

This is just not logical. The data is there, it's right in the HSM app in the console part of apps.. what if my phone gets another notification.. for example if they break a window but leave from the door. The window sensor gets over written!

I just want that data as it shows!

Sorry I'm frustrated as this should just be simple.

I'm gonna try to make another mobile device in the dee app and just use that one. I feel as this is a poor way.. there should be an HSM tile that pops up with a log of some sort.

It’s all in the tile history of the mobile app, or in a continuous feed on Pushover. I must be misunderstanding.