Easy way to remove unused devices

Once a Dashboard has been created, to ensure that it loads quickly (when having a lot of devices), it is necessary to go back to the "Dashboards" section within Apps and remove the unused devices. This can be a time consuming activity to perform.

It would be great if there was an option that would automatically remove unused devices from the Dashboard.


instead of picking all devices, just add the ones you want.

personally i'd be rather annoyed if something i've added to the dashboard purely for info got removed after i'd set it up exactly how i want it, just because i hadn't clicked it.

Agreed! +1

+1 for me as well. I think my problem is that I have too many dashboards as well.

I've had to do that either before setting things up or after, and it is time consuming since I have a lot of devices to chose from, and they are not always grouped together... hence the functionality request... :slight_smile:

Me too! It happened to me on more than one occasion, hence this request. :smile:
Note that fortunately, when going back to select all items to see what was missed, and then going back to disable this, the previously selected items are remembered.

Thanks for your support @JasonJoel and @Navat604! Glad to see I'm not the only one who would like to see this. :blush: