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This is really more of a suggestion than a question. I was looking to add a multisensor and used the ADD DEVICE button on the Devices page. I searched by manufacturer and I got all types of sensors (such as light, motion, etc), but since this is a multisensor, none of those apply. So i went to compatibility list and did a search for model number and it popped up in the compatibility list. Why can't you simply put a button on this page to add the device that you find when searching the database?

So i guess my suggestion is for for the addition of an ADD button on the compatibility search results page.

All you really need to know is if its Zwave or Zigbee, then under add device manually: select zwave or zigbee.

If it is Zwave, you may also be able to use SmartStart from the mobile app which is even easier.


"Add Device" is a page on your hub, while the compatible device list (or at least the one I assume you're talking about) is a page on the docs site — the public Internet, not your hub. There is no good way to directly connect these two. It wouldn't be impossible to create something to connect the two (supposing maybe hubitat.local for the URL, assuming you only have one hub and your network supports mDNS; or providing some way to specify the IP address or URL for your hub and using some magic to make personalized links, though that's not a feature the docs site currently supports), but since you asked, that's the reason. :smiley:

I imagine the future is a bit different--having instructions for all devices available via the menus on the hub so you don't have to visit this list in the first place (unless you're independently curious about compatible devices), which seems better than having to go to the site in the first place, IMHO.


that's a fair point. didn't realize the source of the compatible device list, but that makes sense. another fix for my dilemma is to allow better search when adding device ... just let me also search for a model number, or any text string in the device name, which works perfectly in compatible device search box. i shouldn't have to specify manufacturer or type of device.

Just hit the z-wave or zigbee pairing button directly instead of looking for manufacturer. In fact a lot of stuff that works isn't even in the compatibility list. Even today I don't add by manufacturer or model, just hit the zigbee or z-wave button.


You dont, see my reply up above.


some new devices I've acquired in the last month or so have an included qr scan ... how does that related to adding devices?

If it's a Zigbee code, not at all. If it's Z-Wave, it's probably SmartStart and can be done via the Hubitat mobile app. Otherwise, the traditional inclusion process works for these, too (which is personally all I ever do).


Honestly with the ring stuff (like my outdoor contact sensors) doing smart start worked much better than traditional inclusion.

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