Easier Way to do this than RM?

I want to add a button to a dashboard to turn off all lights in the Living Room. I already have a group for the living room lights. I don't really want a button to turn them all on (no one ever does that, there are too many lights), I just want a button I press when I leave the room to turn off whatever is on. Since a group is a switch I can't just put it on a dashboard. My thought was a virtual button that when clicked will turn off the group. Am I overthinking it? That's the simplest way I came up with but it just seems complex for an "Off Button"

Did you check out groups and scenes? Can you do it from there?
Rule of thumb if you don't have the hub doing all kinds of calculations and captures, and keep it simple, then you'll have less problems. I'm not at home to experiment with groups and scenes and a simple off/on command to lights that are not on is not a big deal. Capturing the states to only turn off what's on would be more processor intensive.

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Sounds reasonable to me though Iā€™d use Button Controllers instead with your virtual button. There or in RM you have the ability to make this button turn off only.


I have a group already, but a group creates a switch and when a switch is put on a dashboard it is both on/off. I don't want a button that when clicked "Turns on all lights in my house" I just want one to turn them all off, like a bed time routine. I'm not really sure that this is a processor intensive task, it seems like a "turn my lights off" button would be a very common bedtime routine

You're right, BC might be the simpler approach. Thanks!

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Create a group of the lights. In the Dashboard, select that Group and use the Scene Template. It'll give you both on and off, but you would just use the off for your ask

Scenes. Just turn them all off, capture the scene with them all off.

Quoting from documentation instead of typing:

The scene is linked to a virtual Scene Activator device that can be used with HubitatĀ® Simple Lighting, Motion Lighting, Button Controller, Rule MachineĀ®, HubitatĀ® Dashboard, or with Alexa and Google Assistant.

I had not thought of the scene template! With a little CSS trickery I got what I was looking for without having to create any new devices!