Duplicated messages - ghost rule? / 2 hubs and Google mini error (probably) SOLVED?

Since days, even after reboots, my hub behaves strangely: some messages are duplicated when events are triggered.
Messages can be sent twice to my mobile (hubitat app) or through my twilio account.

  • I just started my washer minutes ago and my reliable app (since the beginning) sent me at the same time 2 messages (washer started @12:55)

  • at 00:00 precise, I receive a summary message with the amount of time my geothermal unit worked: hours/minutes/heating cycles. Since 3 days, I received an (almost) duplicated message to my twilio, and the strangest thing there is that the global variables displayed on the message are different !

Msg1: heating 11h20 minutes (14 cycles), cooling 0h0 minutes, venting 0h0 minutes
Msg2: heating 10h50 minutes, cooling 0h0 minutes, venting 0h0 minutes

In the second message, received 1 sec after, the number of cycles is not displayed and contains a different global variable value ! Seems a ghost app to me (created probably at first but deleted).

If I look at the rule itself, nothing strange.
If I look at the device, it shows linked rules but some rules that exists here are not using that device !

I'm running C5 V2.1.5.124 and never had that kind of problems since.

*Edit: I have a duplicated hub running to use as a test. And I duplicated all the rules in it (in case of primary hub failure). But it asks questions to me: devices (zigbee and z-wave) are not linked, just the apps and devices are installed from backup). my dual hub made other probs I didn't see directly: dual hourly chime and inhabitual behaviour of some sensors...
I tought this was the problem, but...

I shut off the second hub. Somebody rang my doorbell (my pico one) and I obtained 2 times a Google mini message ("someone is etc"). I double checked later and the problem is consistent. I added a twilio message to my rule and sometimes I receive one SMS, sometimes two :frowning:

Tried to change the message output: I swapped the message to another Google Mini, named Mini-kitchen. When the pico is activated, the message is spoken first on the (erased) Mini-desk, then on the Mini-kitchen !!!

Rebooted my hub. The problem is still there: even the app was changed (mini-desk => mini-kitchen), when the pico is activated, the message is said first using the mini-desk, then the mini-kitchen...

Changed another rule (doorbell for friends), based on the same initial rule. Changed the mini-desk to mini-kitchen and that rule has NO duplicated messages...

30 dec: Unplugged the "faulty" Google-mini (mini-desk), replugged, tested the doorbell... and the first message is no more spoken on that Google-Mini. Does it mean that the Google mini keeps old tracks in their memory ?

Any idea ? Ok, I speak to myself here. Kind of self-support. Thanks Mike for the help. :+1: