Dumb light switches + control panel?


I'll own that. I've only been dabbling for a year or so. :smirk:

Guess I am the only one with smart color bulbs and smart switches. I use the smart swiches to turn off/on the power to the bulbs.
I love color bulbs. I use them for various automation such as blue for water leak, red for smoke Detection, yellow for house alarm, flashing yellow at the door when motion and house armed to warn my family before opening the door... Etc.
Power outage is not a big deal since smart switches retain the last state of the switch before power out.
You can set an automation to sync the bulb with the switch so if someone turned off the smart switch. The automation will also send an off command to the bulb as well same for on.
Maybe I am wasting my money but so far.. My kids and wife love having both.

JDRoberts done schooled me on that here, assuming you're using a dimmer switch...?

I agree on all the rest. Must have dimming. Must have color, even though most of my bulbs are white only. System failures are a concern, but power outages aren't common. but, I can't have fault protection for automation systems, and have color control, etc. (at least, if I trust JDRoberts, which I obviously do :slight_smile: ).

Why would you use a smart dimmer on smart bulbs? It's a no no and smart bulbs are also dimeable on their own.
Forgot to mention I have tablet at every room as well but not all wall mount. They are there mostly for my kids but since Alexa came out. They are using her more often than the tablet. Alexa in every room as well :crazy_face:
Since I am an electrician... Turn off the circuit breaker to replace a socket or electrical work for crying out loud! :grin:

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