Dumb google question

So against my better judgement we got a google speaker with google assistant built in. (We use a lot of google casting for music and the VIZIO crave 660's have been having issues with spotify). Anyway for giggle I hooke my Bosch Home connect range hood up to google home. Runs fine with telling google to turn it on. My issue is how would I expose this to hubitat? I feel as I know how this should be done, but I'm not seeing it for some reason (yes google home is on HE and HE is registered on google home) I know I'm missing the obvious so any help would be appreciated. (My end goal for now is to trigger it with my nest smoke detectors using HE to control the rule)

Without knowing the answer I feel like you need a way to initiate a command to GH. From memory there is a rpi or similar option for achieving this... I could be a little off the mark, but like you I'm sure this is possible...

So by default you can expose an HE device for GH to command (ie. a light switch) but by default you can't expose devices directly connected to google to HE?

Google Assistant Relay is what I was thinking of.... I'll get the link...

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I will leave it to @ogiewon to comment on whether this is appropriate for your requirements....

Looks like I would have to install a rpi to relay the google only attached devices. That may be more than im willing to do...(trying to keep things simple in that respect)

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Fair enough, simple is always preferable...

I used the relay driver for a while and then changed to this:

Works perfectly. Even exposes my locks and lets me lock them through Google Assistant.

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Right but I was looking more how to control devices not attached to hubitat but to google home from HE. (Exposing google connected devices to HE). Seems the only way to do that is via an rpi...:frowning:

Well blow me down! Maybe if I had read the OP correctly, I would have seen that. I just thought he didn't want to do an rpi solution.

I'm the op lol.... Yeah, I wanted to control a few things (mainly my Bosch Range Hood that's connected via home connect) by HE...

You do need to have Google Assistant Relay running on another computer. Does not have to be a Pi. I have it running on an old MacBook Pro, along with other node.js applications. I won't lie, it's a slog to get it installed. A lot of steps. However, once you have it setup, it's maintenance free. I'm still running v1 and it still works fine for just sending silent commands to devices.

Does your stove support Alexa too? Heck of a lot easier. They have custom commands in their routines now, so almost anything you can say to their speaker, the custom commands can send to an Alexa enabled device via Alexa routines. You can trigger an Alexa routine with a simple bit of code that simulates a motion or contact sensor triggering when a virtual switch is turned on. Alexa routines can be triggered by motion and contact sensors.

I've been told that you can create these routines and they will trigger in the cloud without owning an Alexa device. But I've also been told you have to own at least one Alexa device. One of them is correct. :man_shrugging: I've own Alexa since the beginning of Alexa, so I'm not the right person to test that out.

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It was tough enough getting me to get google assistant in my house. After the issue this past week with Amazon trying to coerce ecobee into providing data even when collection is turned off by the user left a sour taste in my mouth towards getting an alexa unit.

Like I said, I've been told you don't have to have an Alexa unit. You can download the Alexa app and test that out for free. If you're concerned about data collection, don't use a voice assistant. They both do it. Google is an ad revenue based company. They are collecting tons of data on you for every one of their products you use. The way to stop Amazon from collecting data from Ecobee users is don't connect your Ecobee to Amazon. Problem solved.

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From what I gathered from the article, it wasn't weather or not you connected ecobee to alexa or not. Amazon was telling them to give them the data regardless or they might not be able to sell on amazon anymore. I mean I realize they collect data, but that kinda thing really bothers me...

Sounds like a click-bait article to me. :man_shrugging: What's the source?
[Edit] OK, I can use Google. :laughing: So I see the article was first reported by WSJ. Reputable, but doesn't mean it's 100% accurate. Not defending Amazon. They don't have the "Don't be evil" mantra that Google has (and constantly breaks). They're both under suspicion for various privacy violations.

But, I am flagged by stuff like this in the article that puts it in question.

"Ecobee reportedly refused to have its devices constantly report back to Amazon about the state of the user’s home, including data on which doors were locked or unlocked"

Um, Ecobee doesn't know the state of a door lock. They don't make door locks and they don't control them. So that's weird to write that.

If you want a voice assistant that collects data, but fully anonymizes it and doesn't sell it, then that's Apple's Homepod Mini. But then you have to be in the Apple universe to really get the full benefit of that.

Looks like it was only for Ecobee Thermostats that include the Amazon Alexa functionality as a built-in feature. I guess I am glad I opted for the lower cost Ecobee 3 Lite, as I had no need for even more Alexa enabled devices in my home. I already have one is almost every room of the house. :wink:

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Yep. Ecobee 3 owner here. But hey, Amazon knows the state of my door locks. That would be my virtual switch shared with Alexa named "Front door state" and "Back door state" :rofl:

Like i said, i know they all collect data. It was more the coercion aspect that bothered me