Dual USB Smart Plug

Just installed a second hub to migrate IP junk to and use for dev. Which means I'm eating up another plug on my PDU and, way more importantly, it's an eye sore because I had to plug it in on the front.

So, I'm looking for suggestion of a smart WiFi plug that has individually controlled USB ports. I may just grab the Kasa HS107 since I already have a number of Kasa plugs, but wanted to see about options.

This might work?

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I bought a similar Zigbee product from Ali (under $20), and I can control 2 USBs at once.

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I think that's pretty much the one I posted


I'm hoping to stay away from ZigBee/Z-Wave devices. I have relatively high confidence in the availability of WiFi.

If my entire network is down, I'll have little concern about automations not working. I'd also have no internet so either type would be useless in that scenario if I'm not at home. So, my main use cases are:

  1. Need to kick power to one or both hubs while away (assuming the hub is taking a nap).
  2. Need to kick power while at home to start the hub back up after a shutdown.

I realize I could cross connect, but I have the radios shutdown on the secondary hub and wouldn't want to turn either back on just for one device. I do have a Hue bridge, but, that goes back to confidence levels being much higher for the network gear.

Get a Phillips hue switch since you have the bridge already. One less app to worry about. Wifi switch is not that reliable and most of them are cloud based but if wifi is something you are looking for then get some Wyze plugs. I have a few at a remote location and they do have local local schedule.

I would not use a WIFI switch; they are not reliable. I would get a Zigbee switch unless you have the Lutron Hub pro; in that case use a Lutron switch. I would avoid WIFI and Zigbee (unless close to the hub).

I have Kasa plugs all over the place with zero issues.

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