Dual Dimmer Zigbee Driver

I am looking for the small form factor Dual Dimmer.
I came across this one (@ogiewon):
and bought it to try with HE.
As I actually expected (and was afraid), the HE sees only first Dimmer and it works just
fine with the Generic Zigbee Dimmer driver.
Now my question is:
Is it possible to get second dimmer working?
I will be OK with custom driver but the problem is - I have no idea how to create
one or even how to modify something existing.
Any ideas are very welcome.

Just in case, here is a device signature:

Tagging @mike.maxwell from Hubitat, as he is the Zigbee device SME.

My only advice would be to try the following built-in driver, although it does not support dimming. Perhaps Mike knows of another driver that might support a multi-dimmer device?

I bought a double button from aqara and had a child create it, search the forum

Is that Aqara device dual “switches” or “dimmers”? The OP needs a dual dimmer driver…:thinking:

This device is supported in Matt's driver:


Are you in Europe? If so, then the size of the in-wall relay isn't an issue.
If you aren't, then you may be interested in this:


Thank you very much. So far so good.
The suggested Matt's Driver works very well.