DST and Messed up Automation

FYI, 70 other countries do this DST shite. :man_shrugging:

My sunset -30 automation did not run tonight. I'm hoping it'll run tomorrow.

It may just run late tonight. My particular sunset-15 automation is still scheduled to run, just an hour late. It appears that it will correct itself tomorrow.


While this isn't 'right,' I believe that it is to be expected with the way that HE handles sunset events. (Schedules them before the time change IIRC.)

ETA: Nevermind. The rule didn't fire at all.

Where can I find this? The devices affected in my case show no scheduled jobs.

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On another note, two simple rules with strictly sunset restrictions worked well.

Go into the specific rule, then press the gear icon. That puts you into the 'guts' of the rule.

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@JB_TX... thanks for the info. Looking at my schedule just causes me more confusion. Below is my Mode settings but when you look at my Scheduled Jobs, the Night job runs before the Evening job.

No DST here in my stretch of Arizona. Based on issues with other systems in other parts of the US, I minimize my time/sunrise/sunset reliance. If sunrise is a proxy for when the local environment lights up, then I will be quite happy with a lux sensor instead.

Sadly, my wife still works for an East coast company, so joke is on me, getting up an hour earlier tomorrow.

Funny thing, though. Many years ago, I set up a lamp timer for my mother. Enter rough settings for latitude and longitude, and when you want the lamp on. It never fails. Makes me wonder how smart some home automation really is.

Morning now.
My apps guts looks a little weird to me. We'll see if it turns on tonight.

I'm still having the same bazar situation where the HE is switching to the Night Mode before the Evening though the rule clearly shows it is to fire after Evening

Open Mode Manager, hit Done. Then show the App Status page (gear icon).

Been there, done that, multiple times... no change.

I'm going to wait until after Sunset and then change the Night setting to something different, Save, exit then go back in and change it to the value I want.

Then show the App Status page (gear icon).

Here ya go...